World as WILL and REPRESENTATION… What are we envisioning?

A friend of mine recently posted a disturbing animation short about an extreme AI takeover, of which he labeled the link, “a likely scenario” and of which I replied, “not my future timeline.”  This prompted for me the opportunity to think about and remind myself, and others, how imperatively important it is for us each to maintain, within our visions for the future, the most optimal, pleasant and positive future reality.

Our minds create the visions that is our fuel for mental manifestation and physical creation:  Our visions are the springboards and our collective visions are even more powerful.  ‘Apocalypse’ means “to reveal” (hence, Revelations), so what creation are we contributing towards?  And equally as important for us to ask ourselves is who placed them there?–Meaning, did I build this thought or has my mind been hijacked?  And what type of agency contributed to these thoughts and what might be their agenda?  Does this vision contribute towards a better tomorrow, offering joy, artistic expression and verdant abundance and my personal success? Or does this vision contribute to dominion, servitude, scarcity and gloom?

I believe, as caring and considerate humans, it is our incumbent responsibility that we contribute towards the creation of our highest and best, both as individuals and as a species, and this begins within our thoughts.  There are so many seemingly good people whose thoughts have been hijacked by potentially devastating future narratives that involve either barren desserts of scarcity and zombies, gloomy AI takover, planetary extinction, or an extreme one world totalitarianism.  On the flipside, there are those of us who hold the vision for a future that utilizes torsion field technologies that offer free energy and abundance to all, a future where we organically evolve (complimentary with our technologies, not being replaced by them).  We restore our natural habitats and resources and heal ourselves and each other, express through art and are welcomed into the Galactic Federation of ascending beings, where we can learn and travel amongst our galaxy through our MerKaBah biofield, rainbow body technologies.  A future of abundance where we are free to create and express ourselves intelligently as we continue to evolve.  A post-disclosure future, where everything is open sourced and we live in accordance with life, liberty and the opportunity for happiness.   There are also a plethora of other future timelines, but however it be imagined, I strongly encourage people to keep awareness of their thoughts and if they find themselves thinking anihilistically, I suggest friends to hit the mental “cancel clear– this is not my intention” and to override these thoughts with pleasant and loving daydreams about ourselves and our fellow brethren.

The world is our will and our representation.  We will existence into creation.  We form a feedback loop with the external reality.  What is fed back is a collective of all our expectations, organized into form, which originates within our mind.  In essence, we are willing our reality with the seeds of our thoughts.  We are all mini creator deities, impressing upon ourselves in the present, what we expect from our future.  The types of thoughts that have taken up residence in our mind is of vast importance.  It is a great imperative we act like mental explorers and imploring our thoughts to their source, so we may evaluate them and maintain our best visions of a future utopia, versus the self-sabotaging alternative.   May we all count ourselves amongst those who dare to will prosperity and positivity for our planet.  We must first imagine it to create it, so let us all allow ourselves to envision our best!

Artist unknown.

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