Water: The Currency of Life

First there comes light, the primordial currency.  The Sun gazes its light upon each planetary being, charging it’s atmosphere, enacting a photonic awakening.  As the photons inact with mother Earth, mater (Latin for matter, its origin as mother), photons shapeshift as electrons, ions that interact with elements, forming the foundations of what is to become the next octave of life.

This planet requires water to prepetuate itself:  It’s atmosphere, it’s topology, all the way down to the bowls underneath.  The water cycle is not only necessary, it is sacred and it is what keeps this planet alive.  This basic realization becomes apparent when we begin to see everything in terms of voltage, the energetics of polarity!   Water and the constituents of water is the fuel that flows through every electromagnetic interaction on our planet.  It also supplies the spirit the capacity to move through all things.   Matter and pure energy are dependent upon water for all aspects of life and society to prosper on this planet.

H2O:  Hydrogen is our universal switch hitter.  It is the only element on the chemical table that can give or take an electron.  It offers or it takes in efforts to best obtain balance with other molecular interaction: To increases greatest stability.   Oxygen, on the other hand, is a powerful’y reactive, negatively charged particle.  Free radical oxygen ions, which are not stable and hard to maintain, will hunt out acidic, or positvely charged cells or structures and annihiliate or neutralize, bonding with such structues.  This includes unhealthy cells in our bodies, including dysfunctional cancer cells, who are not wholesome enough to form antioxidant coatings around them.  A cell that has no “auric” protection, is marked by the body for destruction by these powerful, negatively charged free radicals.  It becomes stable with itself plus a friend, for oxygen is diatomic when it is resting, it needs two positively charged particles to maintain a net neutrality:  Hence the two hydrogens for water.   The goal is to maintain a harmonic balance, for both our planetary cycles and also to maintain the pH of our bodies.  The universe must have known our planet would need a little extra help removing excess toxic metals and isotopes, waste that we seem to enjoy manufacturing, which are generally positively charged.   Thank you, oxygen, for taking out the trash and transforming it into something more holisitc!  That’s why our planet decided to work with water, we needed the extra alkalinity to maintain the balance.

With the bonding of water to water, the molecular shape of water begins to form what is called a tetrahedral SP3 formation in chemistry.  Water is a pyramid in 3D and a cross-section gives it a “star of David” appearance.  Water is optimized when it is in mellifluous flow, balanced in untampered aquifers deep under the planet and up it travels through springs.  Through this process, it is so charged, it becomes anti-gravitic via couper bonding.  The charged ions, spirals up, as it reaches the top, it becomes even more alive as it receives the photons from the sun, and then flows through streams and rivers to become a part of the cycle.  This charged water, when perfectly structured, versus the broken pipe water many of us drink, is life-giving, life-charging and it additionally can hold extra hyrdrogen ions, oxygen ions, or nutritive ions our bodies craves to feed itself, such as zinc and magnesium.  It is also how the air chooses to clean itself:  For any of us who have spent time at the base of a waterfall, understand how awake and alive we feel, we are breathing in water’s ions directly!

I have made a personal choice to override what I have been formally taught in school and instead allow my empirical experience and personal education to override archaic schools of dogmatic beliefs:  Thus, I believe this universe is centropic.  Centropy, as opposed to entropic chaos, is “the electrification of matter.” Fully structured water is centropic!  Every atom that comprises our matter, gives or takes an electron, to share itself, to interact with other atoms, our building blocks for all of which we perceive with our senses.  What rides on the back of every electron?  It is photonic Light!  Not only is it the light that powers of our trees and our homes, it is the all-encompassing, transcendental Light that connects everything together and the Universe is in favor of the balance between the yin and yang and water is comprised of both to facilitate in this planet’s dynamic evolution.  Electrons and its non-physical counterpart, the photon, are the true currency of life, but it is in the form of water that as made it useful for us to mindfully manipulate since the dawn of womankind upon this planet.

Water is the currency that balances this centropic system, particularly our planetary one.  Earth is potentially a giant hydraulic generator and thank goodness, since water (and Light) is the only necessary currency of exchange necessary for the perpetuation of biological life upon this planet.  Even if for this reason alone, it is sacred and it truly possesses unique, magickal properties:  It is a uniform, structured crystal, we are finding that it can store vasts amount of information and when it freezes, instead of sinking, it floats upon itself and spring water is anti-gravitic!  The mainstream physics model cannot adequately explain this simple phenomenon of how springs work, which is the only form of “new” water currency our planet receives, all other water is either recycled or sadly destroyed.  Even now, with how certain human species are treating this planet though its improper use of  building nuclear power plants, burning fossil fuels, geoengineering, fracking, and so forth, our planet is still able to maintain its balance.  Thus is the magick of water and its ability to balance our planetary “budget.”

Just like the days of old, when water powered mills, we have new water propulsion technologies.  Through the transparent and proper use of torsion field technology (scalar waves emissions), we as a species could mimic nature’s natural processes and power our social structures with the help of water, allowing for literal free energy systems.  Instead of building harm and creating entropy and static toxins, we can power our electrical grids through water’s voltage.  Energy requires movement and exchange through the perpetual borrowing of electrons and water is our most global, foundational currency for all levels and aspects of energy here on Earth.  Water is not only life giving, it stores information, cleanses, and offers itself into recreation of phases, so we may recycle it over and over, so it can serve all of our many functional needs!

For this and for many other reasons, I offer my thanks and give gratitude for clean, loving water.  May everyone and everyplace upon this planet be supplied the water that it needs to prosper and may our water achieve it’s planetary balance and may she be gentle to us humans for our societal trespasses.  More love to water, it offers so much love for our bodies and our ecosystems to live in optimal health and balance.

photo by Keelech

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