Two-World Split in a Post-Objective Reality

The two-world split is becoming more and more materialized. It’s obvious to those of us who’ve made the effort to hike a bit higher and see our so-called civilization from a more expansive perspective.
This is a consciousness-based reality, we create our own reality and the collective together creates a meta-reality. This has been observed in quantum science experiments since the 1970s, but has not only been expounded upon since then, our ancients have been saying as much for many hundreds of years. Well, we are a global society now and the stakes are high in this war on consiousness and thus our material reality. Is this a slave planet controlled by a corporatocracy/oligarchical technocracy that tells everyone how to behave and censors (or worse) those who decent or even question the narrative and who poisons our planet with methalyated mercury and our bodies with ethylated mercury and perpetuates inequality and a blame-victimization transhumanist mentality??? Or is this a planet filled with Sovereign, thriving humans who live harmoniously as stewards of our planet, where information is open-sourced and we are free to utilize our currently suppressed patents in the world of frequency medicine and COP>1 energy systems, where synthetic chemicals no longer exist, where we honor our inalienable rights, including our right to breathe clean air. Where humans respect one another and live with more integrity and informed consent exists. Where humans are born equal and it is our content of character by which we measure a man. A world based off of a cooperation rather than competition mindset—
Well, this split is occuring. Our solar system, including our planet is evolving and this is no longer a third density planet and now we meet a fork in the road, but yes, the question begs itself: What are we evolving into? If ‘apocalypse’/Revelations denotes some scenario of gloom and doom, I think this reveals much as to the nature of the bone you are chewing on if you allow yourself to feel this way. For many of us ‘Revelations’ is synonymous with “The Great Reveal” and “The Great Awakening” and an opportunity to reveal the shadow-side of many of our planetary civilizations so that we may reconcile/heal and build a Golden Age. This will take some work, but it is not only possible, many of us are building it with our thoughts and our actions. If we empower ourselves with a healthy body and mindset, educate ourselves as much as possible in the fields that we find intriging, and work on our spiritual selves to balance our emotions and understand our connection to All; then we will evole into a more optimistic and postively polarized mentality.
The split is here and both of them create a reality which holds ‘scientific’ merit. Settled science versus a new paradigm. It’s happening and if it isn’t empirically obvious, here is an article on the technology to further strengthen this theory:
Here is an inspired article. Thank you to Kathy Wilcox for sending it my way.

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