Being and Time Crystals: An Ontological Perspective of Quantized Singularities

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My commentary is in response to a wonderful article on “time crystals” from one of my favorite torsion-based experimental laboratories, The Resonance Foundation, sent to me by my friend Kathy Wilcox:

First, here is the link to this highly inspirational and well explicated article:

Time Crystals: A New Form Of Matter That Could Change Everything

Language and our use of it has a great affect on the manifestation of our psychological and sociological creations.  More so, our thoughts are dictated by our overuse of some word-concepts, as well as by the omission of utilizing words to express other concepts.  Words form sound vibrations and they are a powerful manifestation tool.  The ancient Greeks had two words for ‘time’, chronos and kairos.  Chronos is linear and sequential time, as we humans express it, and kairos is “time filled up” or holistic and holographic time.  Going further, kairos time becomes both omni-directional in all directions at once from any given point, as well as inverted:  The vacuous singularity or the zero point.  In this view, each cognitive “entity” takes center stage, forming a crystalline matrix of conscious beings.  No longer a simple line of chronological time, kairos is highly complex, appearing chaotic, but it is really just extremely complex for its pattern exists across dimensions.   I think it high time we incorporate differentiation into how we mean by “time,” perhaps by adopting another Greek word into our nomenclature, as we are on the cusp of surpassing the threshold by jumping paradigms!

As a proponent of the new paradigm, of which its building blocks are based upon the equal and opposite spin orientation of polyhedrals, most notably the star tetrahedron,  I cannot help but get ultra giddy when reading articles about “time crystals” and how its structuring is dependent upon patterning that pulses across time.   These highly ordered atoms, which spin on their own accord and coherently switch direction, form a matrix that is “activated” enough to communicate with other aspects of itself, like the holographic Indra’s Web.  As is theorized by Nassim Haramein, every singularity emits a toroidal frequency.  As humans we all have electromagnetic fields that mimic this shape.  There are now multitudinous examples of this shape re-occurring throughout all living and active systems, as well as within the vacuum of space-time, which measurably contains infinite energy density.  It is natural to postulate that central to every atom contains the singularity of these scaled down torsion fields, operating from a pattern of “as above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul;” being emitted from a highly ordered, highly complex program that connects everything.

What does our linearly quantized matrix look like when we invert it on its head and inside out?  It becomes kairos.  Infinite space-time flips into the eternal now time-space.  All of light and energy travel become superluminal, for there is no longer a linear space-time fabric to wrestle, as communications and connections are dictated instantaneous amongst the collective co-creatrixes.  Electro-magnetism inverts to magneto-electrics, as everything curls into the center of torsion vortices and if all “things” is really just one thing (both no-thing and everything), then everything becomes the “black hole” center of gravity.  Scalar energy (torsion spin) is what creates gravity.  A photon is weightless, but when trapped into an atom’s orbit, it becomes an electron and declares its mass, both carry massive amounts of information within its energetic field.

Entropy and discord can no longer cast their veil of illusion, because centropy, “the electrification of matter,” has revealed herself and time crystals are a part of the vanguard in this great reveal.   Like geometry, Gematrian numbers also are understood as sacred, for they are all-permeating.  Only through the perspective of chronos are infinite numbers viewed as “irrational.”  These numbers, are really hyper-numbers, because they are omni-present within the zero-point, as has been proposed by the visionary mathematician Charles Muses.   Phi is a dynamic, spiral pattern for growth, pi is concentric boundary rings in relationship to its singularity, eulers is the copulation of information/growth processing towards the singularity into hyperspace, imaginary becomes actuality when you cross this threshold.

These time crystals require a continuous input of oscillating frequencies to “activate” and pulsate.  They appear to be drawing from the vacuum, our Source Singularity.  This is synonymous to how I perceive the entire universe to continually expand.  Sorry “big bang” bandwagon, it is not probable that this magnanimous universe is consuming energy from only one finite, initial big bang, with friction and “entropy” and all, which also begs the question, what before that?:  This theory is outmoded.   To draw energy perpetually, as our universe is clearly doing in perpetuity, we require dynamism in the form of “spin.”  Every scalar system must spin to create a central vortex, of which it (re)generates energy by means of extracting from the singularity (which measures limitless energy capabilities). Electrons, Atoms, Organelles… to Humans, Planetary Bodies, Systems, Galaxies… to the Universe and beyond, until we find ourselves back at extracting from a highly complex, spatially infinite pattern that appears to us as empty space.  One of many implications of time crystals is in the manufacturing of free energy devices.  With minimal energy input, perpetual output can be created that are magnitudes greater.  As is the power of scalar technology.

Crystals are quite synonymous to snowflakes, the same tetrahedral bonding (SP3 formation) that connects silicon dioxide, bonds dihydrogen oxide.   Water can activate into a highly coherent fourth phase, as can crystals.  It appears that the crystalline growth patterns is dependent upon stimulus, the type and power of frequency emissions.  It is no synchronicity that the Yale team that has worked on measuring time crystals utilized nuclear magnetic resonance in their lab experiments.  Harmonic frequencies are going to form naturally coherent structures.  Testing various frequencies of growth and then measuring their energy signature output, would be great and accessible experiments, especially with the highly calculating SQUID technologies.  Hooking time crystals up to cymatic contraptions might yield interesting results, as would exposing their resonant frequencies to mRNA transference, adipose tissue, plant growth, red blood cells, cellular voltage (ATP), cognitive capacities and the like.

It is known that water and crystals can be programmed.  What type of information or imprint they hold within their bonding will determine its constitution, whether it will “encode” harmony or dissonance.  In the case of water, if it is structured, it is an electron donor and thus offers vitality and voltage to plants and animals.  If it is broken or festering, it steals electrons and contaminates living things with dirty energy , microbes and free radicals.   Time crystals may or may not turn “on” unless the frequency oscillates harmoniously within the higher echelons. Either way, it is interesting to note that we now are able to shift our environment in space AND time, which offers new insight into the Mandela Effect.

Crystals are living, energetic structures for they emit low amounts of piezoelectrictricity.   Are time crystals also piezoelectric or are they offering some form of direct or alternative current or something yet that remains to be discovered and labeled?  Just as humans are undergoing quantum growth within the DNA, so too are we offering this growth and activation opportunity for the kingdom of crystals, a biofeedback, as we both evolve into the next paradigm, referred to by some as the fifth density of creation (the relativistic threshold of Einstein-Lorentz being the 4D bridge).   If we can turn them on synthetically, I wonder if there is way for active time crystals to turn on others within a specified grid?  The author mentions a bit about time crystals as being utilized as quantum computers:  I cannot help but offer Ray Kurtzweil accolades for his prediction that computers and AI intelligence will spike into singularity around 2021.  Quantum time crystal computers being a huge gateway into this spatial processing capability (bye bye binary) as all genres of existence finally strike into coherence, as we all catapult upwards and onwards into multiple simultaneous realities.

Since time crystals pulsate, they are not considered stable, as they are out of equilibrium, as has been observed.  A perspective I would like to offer is that they are not “out of equilibrium” but instead operating on a higher form of equilibrium, a highly complex and quantized coding that exists on a higher state of order.  So from our perspective, they are unstable, when it is really this third density simulation-vibration that is unstable. After all, we are the finite ones, haphazardly stumbling into the realms of infinite existence.  If we step through the door into this next greater paradigm, we can flip the switch and offer an entirely new perspective.

The work of Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev was a great contributor on the subject of torsion fields, of which he discovered can alter space and time, for they cause ripples in gravity and “waves of time.” In his work, as well as in many well-known quantum experiments, consciousness changes the outcome.  Kozyrev believes “our thoughts could change the destiny of time.”  Any torsion generator also can leave its memory, in the form of a “ghost field” in Faraday cages, just as we have learned to program homeopathics and intention into water and information into crystals.

The author of the above article offers some transformative applications, however she misses the boat in offering the greatest and most fundamental aspects of this technology.  Since we can code spatially and across (into) unfolding time in all directions, these activated time crystals can additionally offer alternative programming into opening up bubbles of alternate realities.  Past and future, parallel universes, higher and alternate densities.  The implications are really limitless.  Just by immersing yourselves around these living crystalline matrices, I suspect that other living things can “epitaxially” clear out dissonant energy and raise our (mostly water) crystalline bodies into clearer, more lucid, higher, healthier vibrations.

Time crystals, torsion fields and scalar waves will engender free energy, anti-gravitic intergalactic travel, and wormholes into intelligent infinity all well growing us younger through organic regeneration.  The prophecies are unfurling, the false pharaohs of the vulture-culture are dying off and disclosure is finally trickling out, our technology is ripe to heal ourselves and this planet and humanity’s cognition is on the cusp of understanding these modalities.  The ancient-future is here, bring it on, baby, let’s grow us some time crystals!


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