The Colors of Our Continuum

The Colors of Our Continuum
-A Transformation from shadow into Light-
*Written in 2011 as Gnosis for the End of Days*


Who reside this dead tyrant wounded ego— ?!

Dispensing judgment, labels, limits.

This boogyman, who shares the upstairs, residing inside bodies everywhere—

A magistratial megalomania maintains these mental marionettes:

In silent servitude, the numbed and dumbed obey

There is nowhere to hide from a fragmented self.


This self-devouring despotic daydream, thiever of choice—

I have the right to my own reality and this is not my voice!

Strategic mind control of False Archetypes—

Like a robot, hop-hop!  Sleep-walking, exhausting

Sitting idle, rattle battle bullet babble, must maintain status quo…


Get out of me, you— !

Religious diction, fundamental fixation, sickening starved false programs

Dishing disinformation:

Capitalistic, black magick monopoly money mechanization

Of Annunakian- Leviathan, elite clan pale horse hedge men!

Materialistic rifts of narrow conquests seize stagnant sight, heralding herded hypocrisy

Insidious involvement,

Of shadows pretense plotting systematic squabbles.

A trapped menagerie, playing into slaying pawns

General consensus reality blindness, eyes diverted distraction:

Go this politics! Fight that war! Pay this bill! Consume that drink! Gamble this! Goggle that!

Hate! Support! Sin! Shame! Blame!   Fear.


Oh, so cunning, this internal-monologue of unfiltered infiltration!

I release this death trap, you— !

Babylonian pseudo-structure, world government false eye façade regime machine.

It’s a mental baggage prison, servicing the system

Supplying analytic anecdotes for funded institutions

False axioms, indoctrinating department programs:  A boneyard for vision.

Intellectual slavery breeds barbarity, as

It’s our measure of society, when paychecks mold identities

And the monolithic infrastructure of trapped technologies—

The technocracy, tunneling hard, and fast, heading blindly towards…?!

Obedient lines painted too near towards a stigmatic oblivion.


Ahhh, yes…

These fragmented addicts exhibit acidic blood diets

While the top, tight, out of sight, sit sneering and steering—

Verminous, these linguistic smack aristocrat, false pharaohs of the vulture culture

Must leech to live—

And, upon the human condition, (you better believe it) they have feasted!


Power elite, the ultimate creepster peeps, are just another layer of puppet mastery.

Those fallen, disembodied shadows dwell in denser realms lit low, lurk darkness, and maintain lineage.

Keep secrets enigmatic, clandestine sorcery, them leechers who clog vision, Draconian Eye of …Set.

Ursa Major fallen lords emit false thought projections    and guise themselves as gods!

Thief eater ABC agencies all conspired w/ CIA crazy in contorted connections, deception

Death-eaters, entrenched in self-interest, spending millions to fabricate intelligence via

Replicated blueprint, noxious environment, impeding planetary purpose, false grids imposed—

Stagnant surface, the only change… Is appearance!


Scarcity seethed, trapped Ouroboros, devouring snake, self-consummated anti-life entropy

Chasing rat race round, suppressing spiraling energy:

Work your worried self to the bone, and your dream will fit in this box.

And if you live long-lucky, you still die:  Again, and again, and again.


Grief stricken from all this separation

Decay and atavism, attempting to destroy all the evidence and keep herstory hidden.

Pumping bleak from sorcery deep, the hearts so heavy hardened—

Well, this human tragedy has been leeched from long enough!

How dare this soul-slashing

Anti-Christos creedal custom, false-life entropy, vampirade on our party?!—



There is a war on this planet, over consciousness, and it’s consuming mindless adherents!

Raise the veils, compassion towards each other,

Giving Love to All our mothers, brothers, daughters, lovers…

As we approach this critical juncture, we must learn to love our neighbors!

Verdant Gaia, Eartha Terra, Pachamama, I am so grateful for the gifts you offer freely.

Deconstruct the scarcity

And seek to heal this home, your touch, our hearts

As we give thanks and open ourselves towards creative flow and Eden abundance,

Dichotomies relinquish, and prophecies speak amongst oscillation of cascading rhythms.

We may dip our toes into the pools of plentitude, infinitude and raise a toast towards life affirmities

Aloha Ke Akua, En Lak’ech Ala K’in, Namaste, Blessed Be—

You, my friends, are Another Me.


Gravity makes us forget—

Ask yourself to remember, as we engender a new beginning.

Maya amnesiac miasma remembering Atlantian pandemonium, dark age descent—

Slumbering mage, cycling spirals, long trudge back up the mountain

Ancient –Future inversion, we live these days as lotus layers unfold soul contracts,

Telepathic maps from planted seeds of selves in ages past—

“End of time” fourth dimension space fabric bubbling up unconscious conflictions:

Psychic rifts, solar cysts, electromagnetic magma— What still needs healing?


May we heed our attention towards

The thundering backdrops of our ancestry cosmology Mitsvah.

Cyclical eternal—

Echo, time exponential, chaos approaching singularity, accessing clarity, eternal epoch

Bottomless dot, Indra’s web, infinite mind, golden spiral phi holistic timeline

Logarithmics powered by the limitless flower flux of free energy.

Chronos loosening linearity, slumbers amnesiac miasma, remember what’s forgotten!

Convergent communities of Living Light unblind the timeline

Akashic records contains h-Alexandria, lost information re-awaken DNA crystalline activation:

Platinum Ray pictographic pyramidal vortex Merkabah through plasma matrices, we travel gematria

Tri-spectral teleshift time-translation from Nartoomid emanations, Eye of Hayru, spiral through

Genetic Harmonization, cellular-atomic consciousness bliss, Amenti decree

Ultrasonic holographic soothsayer secret scroll, symbolic foretellings pre-cognized—

Access granted.


The friction of fractured fiction as this false tabernacle shatters!

May Truth sing like a beacon and resonate clarity

Peace, be our battle cry!

Through crystal seas, we are learning to read the patterns and recognize

We are the micro story of a great battle, and the spiral towards Light will always prevail.


The stars, so many, shine bright through our evolutionary birthright:

Starseed family twinkle, longing strong, clear vision—

Galactic contract origin, next & twelfth dimension

Less dense, waiting contact safe, next cycle

Annus Magnus, son of, Hunab Ku, see you through, the approaching apex.


Vibrating from the 7th Ray Lords of Light

At the Aeon of Creation, Ionic Flux, Day of Sabboth:

Create pyramidal alignment and harmonize Adamic seed codes,

11:11, funneling a pyramidal hyper-dimensional matrix:

Chilio-cosmic entheo- Gnostic activation—

Remembering, engendering Illuminary multi-dimensional technicolor Zohar splendor—

Holly reverence, Seraphim symphonies, channeling Prime Creator!


Giving gracious gratitude with the Love that sees the heart, blessed be

Aloha, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth Almighty,

Divine breath, master mathematical mantra singularity tapestry of unfathomed complexity—

Primal Flame, silent Tao, Source Template, Great Mystery, beyond beginning

First breath, Ain Soph, sacred Light, A-Ho!

Infinite, dynamic, androgynistic being-ness, self-seeded—

Yin & yang division, silhouettes, reflecting resonance, the offspring of existence.

Transmutation vacuum union, fission-fusion

Bridegroom beauty spun, sings wisdom eternal, paradoxical synthesis

Warm womb cosmic container, tender caress, cryptic pistis Sophia

Divine singular creatrix of no-thing, engendering infinity

Reflections flecting, fracteling, fracturing, forming… the forces of motion forever

Sephiroth formations, threshold expansion; a feedback in flow—

Forming spiral motion, alchemical potions, sutra synthesis

Creative creation creates creators, connecting us everything!

The One be the two, be the One, be the few.

En Kai Pan, mysterious master plan, One in All, All in None—


When measuring a point on a scale on that forever expansive timeline,

There is neither good nor bad, as it has yet to be defined.

Each man’s truth is relative to the scope of his perception

The greater the picture, the greater the vision, the greater the wisdom—

Love expands perceptions, connecting every thread of this great mission.

Manifest the best, in each of the infinite echelons of worlds,

Each masters of our own mind-game domain

When it reflects against another, comm-union-catin begins.

Consciousness feedback:  We form our world realities, we co-create our visions

Pregnant pluralisms, worlds are like the layers of an onion peel—

When we expand to see larger perspectives, we begin to forgive and to feel.

The expansion of self permeates compassion, we see ourselves in All our reflections.


Holding space, svadhyaya

The self-actualized, awakened, bear this weight—

Power in purpose and presence, spiraling prime, foresee our direction, intention, reclamation.

Power in our thoughts and words, our collective visions, expressions, decisions

And grave responsibility to each and every action.


Resonating to the vibration of perfectly quantized star-tetrahedrons

Fractal holographic emanations—

Cosmic geometries, they architect the jewels of space

Boundless, supersede exist, wheels within wheels within wheels

Aligning, be-gend again, with the Omniversal reel.

Event horizon, deliver us as we cross over

Elohim Brotherhood Illuminaries, Anima Mundi Regeneration


Pluralistic stories, encoded symbols, Logos, sigils

Infinite ingenuity—  Brewing as we activate!

Mastering Gifts:  Magick and melodious memories, musical muses, mantra metaphors

Movement, dance as our prayer

Meditate, theta-state, flow chi, sexual alchemy, electro-charged aikido energy

Clearing karma, mycelian mojo with Kimah and Kesil

Creative dynasty unfolding divinity:

Soul magnetism, mula bandha- hara tantra, awake our spiraling snakes—

Secrete serpentine lotus drops, the caduceus climbs Jacob’s genetics

Redirecting hot spots, energy, purifying source, strengthen our Ka …ecstatic Amrita


Painting patterns pretty, our pineal exegesis

Shamanic landscapes glimpse visionary creatrix

Our bio-technologies rebirthing internal electron keycode amalgamations

Arc attunement, ajna insight, power in being, talismatic transmutation—

Living life, holding space, 8th chakra Overself activate!

Strength …and Faith.

Centropy concrescence, as we channel alchemical antidotes

Physical embodiment of soul monad sacred seed divine spark

Alkalize, keep sacred safe, DNA our language for consciousness

Overself bliss, our 12-stranded beloved blueprint birthright,

Into higher level strata—

Must octivate, activate, initiate, meditate, slow down and ground Thothian intelligence

25,827.5 years of cultivated intention to gain our evolutionary abilities approaches—


Noosphere, spark null zone growth descent on soul judgement light as feather,

Pass the test, hearts exposed.

Redemptive analysis, creation unfolding—

Exponential births are witnessing this!

We all chose to be here, in this body, on this planet, at this critical juncture at the turning of this aeon!


We, creative vision, connecting horizons for historic-future, freedom functions:

We, who will to remember and seek to sweep away our shadows and serve as living wisdom

We, jedis who raise our djed and dare deconstruct these mental prison programs!

Shiva, yogic avenger, destroyer of false edifice, wipe clean breath fresh

Anahata hard as diamond, silky soft teardrops, sparkling crystal river celestial whole—

We, the self-chosen, who connect the chiliocosm, and strive to be in similitude with divine creation—

We, who love like Hathor, who each express uniqueness but

Stand together as One in support for our evolution.

Through strength of will,

We engender our divinity towards a higher vibrational frequency,

Who imbibe in the communion of plant medicine wisdom, hold sacred native visions

And sketch templates of Archangel Metatron

Who seek courage and truth on all levels of being—

With inner spark, we stand bright, beaming!

We, who lived through Maldek, Karnak, Betelgeuse, Shihaehleh, Rigel—

Trikaya coalescence into One, and live to serve with wings unfolding—

Children of Christos, Andromeda, Sophia, Ra, and Jehovah, with big dreams and big hearts,

Are so many, shine smiling!

We, Abraxas children, of every bloodkin, colored skin,

Techno-tribal, jungle desert-dwellers, Quetzequatl feathered serpent mobsters,

Shapeshifting hybridized survivors, spiritual gangsters, ascending masters,

Starseed alchemist mystics who transmute darkness—

Representing numerous galactic quadrants and vibrational regions:


May the Twelve tribes of every nation, old and new JerUSAlems, aboriginal queendoms,

Return of the Dove, Angelic Ophanim, Omniscient Brethren,

Every Light Family Federation—

Respectfully together, in unconditional rainbow love,

With an unquenchable thirst for Universal free will freedom,

Open source knowledge, peace and prosperity, bearing the highest Truths and personal responsibility for

Our conscious sovereignty and the Love of All humanity—

May we transmute the harm by the brigands who have pillaged our collective home.

May we stand united for the healing of this planet and the healing of our hearts.

May we manifest the best possible outcome, allowing for this unprecedented paradigm shift—

The End of Days of this divine program culminates and the collective messiahship is upon us!

We are fluid, we are strong; we know, and accept, our powers!

May our stories sing true, as we are the ones, we are supported, and this future IS OURS.


By Stephinity Meta Salazar
Written in the Spring of 2011



Archangel Spectrum Activation of Sophia Christed Keycodes,

I Am Presence.

I Am an eternally emanating Ray of Light I Am.

Brotherhoods of Light Rikbidim stargate emerald-indigo exodus.

Victory is imminent.

Dance this dream, visions strong.


Sophia-Shiva-Shakti-Meta-Ra-Amen-Ptah-Kali-Durga-Quan Yin-Hathor-Isis-Magdalene-Mary-Maat-Anubis-Hermes-Abba-A-Ho

Love and Light.

It is done, done, done.

By the power of three, a perfect trinity, it is done.


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