A Social Miasm is Bubbling Up

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (St. Paul)

I have been studying homeopathy and miasms. Miasms are a very specific type of disease that have a mind-body-spirit affectation on multiple bodily systems and are deeply entrenched in the DNA (latent) and when triggered by major stress or toxins or behaviors (epigenetics), will reveal themselves as multi-tiered ailments. It is as though miasms have some sort of frequency match with evil energetics, though it is possible that caring humans with compromised immunities can also catch them– like tuberculosis; much depends on our lineage and our lifestyle.

This mysterious corona”virus” is certainly revealing itself at a pivotal moment in human history. With all the indictments of evil and satanic beings (major CEO’s stepping down, many celebrities and politicals who have contracted the virus [ahem, adr_n_lchr_me], royal families and religious leaders under arrest worldwide, sex trafficking rings being revealed, skull and bones, etc.)– It certainly feels like a very deep, very dark social miasm that has followed us humans since Mesopotamia/Babylon is bubbling up to the surface. I understand that many people have no idea what I am talking about, and honestly “ignorance is bliss” when dealing with handfuls of demonic sociopaths and their rituals of power (many of whom are people’s heroes) but the truth really will set us free to make informed choices that impact not only our lives and the environment, but our souls. Generations of trauma our collective species have been sub-consciously repressing/enduring, is finally, finally, finally shifting!

And no, the revolution will unlikely be televised and no, associated press is not privy, and I am sure some will not go down easily and this will take some time, but shift is happening in inconspicuous ways! I am more hopeful and optimistic than I have ever been, largely in part to a key figurehead that is far more than what the media portrays of him. My heart goes out to all the innocents who have been caught in the “crossfire” but perhaps someday, a decade or so from now, we will remember these times as the times when a massive shift to awaken mass populations out of a slave planet and into true sovereignty, began to reveal itself in physical form. Keep healthy, vigilant and love for our human brethren and believe that it truly is possible to live a world of peace and prosperity.

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