The Revealing of Truth Through Compassion as an Evolving Archetype

While I offer my love and support to all women who have chosen to participate in the blackout, it has always been my style to reveal my truths in my own unique ways…

Like all truth-seekers, I possess an incumbent responsibility to want to know: Seeking “Truth” and the essence of things. As though “Truth” was a static and objective “thing”, frozen in “time”, that could be “found” and was separate from myself and my experiences. Over the years, as I practiced more compassion for others, I found more compassion for myself, which allowed for myself the ability to shed light into areas of personal and collective shadows and heal traumas that felt real to me. My truths through my window of understanding began to expand as this “thing” I sought, turned out to be more like a dynamic process and pattern recognition. Something inside of me slowly blossomed into something a little more multi-dimensional and my search for “Truth” expanded and became more of an understanding of “truths” as paradigms of belief systems, whose axiomatic constructs presupposed certain thought concepts that were believed as self-evident by various collectives or willful individuals throughout a preconceived construct of time. Parallel to my comprehension of consciousness itself, Truth became a great unfolding, an eternal revealing, far more complex than I had originally imagined.

I observed how some belief systems constructed “truths” that were “greater” or more expansive, as they either incorporated or encompassed the belief systems of other groups or institutions and presupposed less. I also observed other systems that felt “smaller”, meaning they only incorporated limiting and contradictory perspectives, that were oftentimes outmoded and exclusive. I began to see a great complexity of layers and how all these paradigms of beliefs formed thoughts and words, emotions and actions, that simultaneously carried literal energetic frequencies and within these multitudinous ripples, I experienced how nothing is really separate from anything else and that truly, we are all one highly complex, and currently dissonant, orchestra here on the surface of planet Earth.

It is through the continual cultivation of compassion and harmony of self and other, that still allows for me to evolve from an indignant, reactionary individual, into a truly joyful sovereign being and it is my wish that all of humanity may have the freedom to choose to live a sovereign, joyful existence. There are some fundamental inequalities that are preventing humanity from evolving. Perhaps the most deeply rooted is the suppression of the feminine, the progenitor of life, in both form and function. The female gender has been bearing the weight of a false and fallen masculine archetype for thousands of years, projected onto all of us. This lack of honor is sub-consciously embedded into many ancient and modern belief systems and it has bubbled to the surface. As an alchemical chalice of transformation, it is high time the divine feminine in us all, alchemically rise up with love and compassion, holding space for those who still see with “smaller truths”– so that they may receive grace rather then opposition, offering themselves an opportunity to rise into the frequency of compassion and expand their understanding of this incredible, dynamic reality.

In support of my vision, I offer a poem I wrote once upon a time……….


Holy is the human, who sheds her skin before the blazing sun’s last stand
For one cannot sustain the hedgeman, unless awakened
Reprogramming her subconscious to become her own free agent
She protects herself from the compromised Illuminati—
The decaying atavism of an entropic system holding stubbornly
Excusing them of their insubordinance over her own beingness,
From their constructs, she walks away—
She forgives them for their trespasses, as she forgives herself
But she doesn’t soon forget.

So She, the vanguard, feels deeply the human condition
A necessary incarnation for humanity’s graduation
Nothing left to fear by those who possess the Delphic vision
For victory is certain
Seeing far enough through, beyond indoctrinated stigmatisms
Beyond the dialectic of labels, she bends her circle round
Liberated, whole and hookless
She commits herself towards fulfilling her inevitable ascendance.
For She who sees, silently knows the long, lasting dark night is but a fleeting battle
To catalyze our drive beyond our collectively created confines
Perfection through the pain, profundities through the signs:
Every damned-divine expression is part of our holy communion—
Every broken, bruised body is an expression of the lessons—
All possibilities, existences, experiences, as all must come to pass:
She weeps for the children, the starving, the exiled, the inflicted
She weeps on behalf of those whose freedoms are restricted
At the dawning of the Aquarian Age, she lets go of her rage
To reverberate back the echoes, which she transmutes thoroughly
Into solace, for she is an alchemical chalice—
Merging into her divine female master embodiment
That which already pre-exists.

For She who knows—
Plants seeds that will someday surpass the current ideology as she waters the world of tomorrow
She lives her I AM Presence with patience and practice
Through resonant frequencies of higher vibrational DNA template activations—
Living two worlds at once
She holds in her heart the dream within the void of which she has awakened
She remains grounded, yet vigilant
Keen on her path towards personal development
Paving the way gracefully for those who are waking into their living embodiment.

She exudes calm confidence between layers of spice
An evolved creatrix, possessing many gifts, talents, and insights
Steadfast in her mission, flexible in her negotiations
She carries silent knowings and stands strong for her convictions
She allows herself the privilege to keep silent ineffable qualities
But does not hesitate to speak her truth—
She recognizes the supreme power of the word, and chooses hers carefully.
Her ideals are dynamic and timeless, surpassing trends:
She does not lower herself to those who disdain her for their lack of vision
Nor does she subscribe to labels, status quo
And suspends engaging in any form of lower vibrational mentality
Even if its popular within the current vibrational reality.

Within her aura of equanimity, she listens thoroughly to others
With empathy, but she is not quick to adhere
When she concludes, new opinions are greeted openly
For the more she learns about herself, the more is revealed
To her the great mysteries—
Deeply profound wisdom that her womb whispers loudly
She is learning to live in mastery with her beautiful, blessed body
Of which she feels grateful to experience.

Giving gracious gratitude for her privileged circumstances here on Earth
She tends thoroughly to the buds which she creatively births
For herself, she is enough—
And though she need not another
She opens her expression towards twin flame potential—
The feminine divine fully embraces her sexuality that is true, for Her
A dakini, she exposes vulnerably while in mellifluous union
Keeping sacred, the temple of her body
Through which she experiences, without shame, guilt, or worry
As an overflowing container of alchemical yin energy
She does not allow herself to feel victimized
For every experience is an opportunity for growth, when self-realized.

She does not judge that which she has not experienced—
While she can wear the hats of logic and reason,
Simultaneously, she subscribes beyond the linear throng
Into the wholistic, holographic, geometric matricies of the paradigms beyond—
And such paradoxes do not equivocate her.
Her connection, is not just cerebral knowing, it is felt within her bones
There is no end to growing, or learning skillsets that she hones
She respects the boundaries of others, as well as her own.

When she makes a mistake, she owns up to it with sincerity
Never would she hurt another human, not intentionally
While there is a time and place for friendly competition,
Her modus operandi is through cooperation
Other humans are her allies, not her enemies, and she does not compare
For every spirit is unique and should be treated with care.
Self-aware, she works to continually refine her aspects within
Filling her cup first, to deconstruct the system
When necessary, she is strategic in negotiations
For she recognizes that what is Highest, parallels her best intentions
A proclivity for hard work, honesty, and integrity
She practices kindness with all humans, speaking with sincerity—
And on days she falls short, she reflects and refines herself
Never is she officious, but she knows when and how to take the helm
And just about right now, it’s time we turn this ship round!

She declares no limit to what she is capable of envisioning
And with discernment, she knows when to protect her heart—
She does not chastise man for his misgivings,
Instead, choosing to hold space through his tender healing
Humankind are all her children and we all require reconciliation,
Mending tender-hearted fragments, if we wish to thrive in co-creation.
From a space of unconditional LOVE for All of humanity and nature
She eats wholesomely and sustainably— When it’s available to her
Cherishing life, she understands how body, mind, spirit and emotions
Are inextricably intertwined—
She reads between the lines, through which she learns and feels:
The ability to understand symbolic, archetypal truths, a catharsis for her soul.

She creates ritual—
Of which she sends positive intentions into the universe
And grounds herself through meditative breathwork
Clearing her karma, through each and every choice
Clarity and conscience through the warmth of her voice.

Beyond the box of limited choices
Contrived by the apocryphal belief lineages that currently control the shadow elite, she sees
Distinctions between races blurred, as she recognizes, we are all of Earth
Waging a war with Love, she denatures their intent
For when the walls dissolve, there is nothing left to contend
Through the art of courageous compassion, she transcends beyond illusion—
Every human interaction is either a projection, a reflection, or a lesson
And a heart that aches, yields opportunity for expansion
She honors All, redirecting dissonance into growth
With a positive intention: Loving life and seeking truths, her daily oath.

When our humanity recognizes we All hold the keys to our dominion or our doom
We shall learn to liberate our souls beyond division, anger, gloom.
As we learn to accept responsibility, we create the life we wish to live
Powerful beyond articulation, each and every soul is blessed—
She grows into the remembrance of a deeply forgotten herstory
The missing other half, that completes the whole of everything.
The initiatory alchemical womb of the divine Sophia energetics,
The paradoxical precursor—
From which infinite existence of the divine masculine emanates
Together the two become the One and through the Trinity they co-create
The Awakening Divine Feminine, in her being—
Does not create hierarchies of Mother-Father Source Energy
But holds the deep, dynamic, cosmic container, equally for everyone
As the next step for humanity is our sovereign revolution!

A great awakening, for She who knows—
Knows that each and every human contain both male and female energetics,
And an Overself geometry, of which is ultimately androgynous.
Beyond the realm of cyclical, spiraling time, there exists a Singularity
It is in this eternal, limitless space from which the emerging Human exists,
Eternally unfolding into newer layers of vibratory Light, beckoning our shift
And She, the awakened, eternal becoming, embodied evolutionary
Heals and reveals herself—
A harbinger for All our evolution.

Written by Stephinity Salazar
Mid-March 2017

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