Re-birthing our Light Bodies: Prismatic Electrons

The sun supplies us limitless supply of photons for life, of which our bodies imbibe, offering us voltage, stored within our bodies as a currency of electrons.  Each photon carries a geometric coding, a field of qauntized light of vast information, reflectional with the entirety of the universe, a mirrored reflection of information, just as expressed by Haramein and Rouscher in their paper regarding the Schwartzchild Proton.  This light is in each of us, it is us!  When we come into this awakening, we activate our electrons within the hydrogen bonds of our very own DNA.  These photons, “diamond codices of Light” become like little prisms of light, as our two strands builds a third and those three strands build nine more of light, completing our 12-stranded activation and our awakening into 5th dimensional sovereignty.

Evolution is the revolution and we must each declare our personal liberation out of this inverted matrix that has been contrived by the “eminence grise”.    We declare our sovereignty, and we break away from their pitfalls, we suddenly see their traps, their edifice weakens, and we thus become sovereign; holding in our heart love for all humanity and our conceived highest and best for ourselves and the planet.

Believe in yourself, and you are believed.  Forgive yourself and you are forgiven.  Love yourself and you are loved.  We are never alone in this journey, for we always have ourselves and we are each an equal representative of All That Is and a divine representative of Source itself.

It is an honor to be alive and in sovereign service towards this planetary ascension process during these incredible times.

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