My Personal Path of Ascension, A Poem

The poem below, I recited in four parts for a ritual theater performance, my character was a higher version of all of myself, a crystalline frequency, while acknowledging all aspects of myself, the union of shadow and light.  The acceptance of All.  Enjoy!

Heavy with burden
When left unheard
Stagnant and stiff
Like a dream deferred.

But the seed remains—
It surrenders into the sublunary
Of shadows that cloak:
For All paths carry Truth
Our antagonists, they are us.
Unfolding tethered wings
Against the winds of contrast
I will to heal our broken past—
These mirrors sing of song
Where All is acceptance.

Through self-realization,
We break the chains
And dismantle the paradox:
Harmonics invert into spatial singularity
Where all is united, concretized and necessary.
Shattering the illusion of separation
Rikbideem Stargate algorithms
As geometries unfold in perpetuity,
Perpetually are these divine torsions
Wheels within wheels within wheels
Redefining and entwining within the omniversal reel
Crystalline symphonies of quantum quartz energies
Arise, through the expansion of Love and Light
As we merge again into the All-Encompassing Oneness.

Spoken at Invisible City for the show “Pattern Disruption” produced by Shamanic Dolls.
May 5th, 2018


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