Overcoming Our Disposition of Defiance

My human experience has shown me that we, as humans, share an innate predisposition towards defiance.  As children, we begin to defy our parents and nannies, as adolescents we defy our peers, teachers, officials, and laws.  We will defy our own selves by going against our intuition and rationalization.  We will even defy the universal omens, or what some may refer to as ‘God.’  It is a part of our egoic nature, when told “not” to do something, we test the boundaries and to try it anyways.  Just like how children learn, we as a human collective are also learning.  There is great truth in understanding this natural tendency we have as humans.  It reminds us that while living in this third dimensional simulated hologram, we all carry within us this “inner-rebel” of defiance, for it is what allows us to teach ourselves, what works for us and what does not, what feels good inside and what does not.  What laws are superfluous and what laws hold innate moral justice.

This leads me to “The Ten Commandments”–  If the “god” that handed down these codes understood our human condition towards defiance through our voracious curiosity, it would have understood that to lay down any law in its negation, via “thou shalt not” would only produce the antithetical result.  Telling people to imperatively do something,  usually catalyzes either suppression or the curious to do otherwise.  That is partly why many argue that this particular god was really a demiurge, with a negative polarity, for if this being was omniscient, it would have understood our psychology.  It fed Moses and his mixed bag followers enough truth for it to resonate, for it is fairly universally understood on this planet by most that things like “killing others” is not in alignment with being kind and loving, but it allows for just enough wiggle room to snare the humans upon this planet whose inner defiance cannot help itself but to “test” these waters.  Especially those of us Occidentally raised, for this morale dictates the subconscious of all of our foremothers and forefathers.

We can step away from these false codes, break free from the chains of the negative spell-casting of said demiurge and become our own masters of this matrix.  We can say “no thank you” to what does not resonate with our loving and harmonious intentions and instead choose to live each day as a sovereign human.  The awakened human needs no  standard laws or codes to tell it how to behave.  The actualized human lives in accordance with the truth that “All is One.”  As we come to know this, we see ourselves in everyone around us and we begin to treat our environment and each other with care and compassion.  For our planet to thrive, we must all thrive.  When we acknowledge our ego, we all have one, we can begin to love it for all that it is, forgive it for its trespasses, and feed it compassionate positivity as we remind it that in truth, no-thing is separate.  We can continue to lead with a fresh, new form of curiosity, but instead of through defiance, we can lead with kindness, patience, gratitude and the unquencible thirst “to know” the greater, deeper aspects of truths that embody our more evolved human condition.  The passion to dig deeper into that infinite mystery and to better serve our planetary brethren, so that we may all evolve into greater and more fulfilling futures.

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