Our True North

Whether it is in your conscious frequency or not, we as humans are transitioning into more expedient frequencies, as is our entire planet and solar system: Everything is heating up and speeding up. Our sun is evolving and this can be considered a natural process, though unprecedented in our recent planetary history.

Every action we have made dictates our collective trends and is part of a larger web of necessary actions. As we will find ourselves walking this line, that will make or break us as a species, we will see that our humanity stands upon a precipice and these changes are catalyzing a bifurcation: This is not a political polarization, it has nothing to do with that, this is a polarization of those who align with love, gratitude and compassion for our sovereign humanity versus those few who have knowingly catalyzed the false power constructs to control, manipulate, enslave and pillage our planet. For those of us who are still asleep to the larger observations and perspectives, these changes may feel chaotic and horrific, as our world governmental systems may start to crumble, our allopathic system can no longer heal so many of our illnesses and more geophysical upheavals arise with greater force and fury. For those who are in the awakening process, this will feel necessary, as we continue to heal ourselves, our loved ones and our environment, and through this shift, we will find ourselves amongst the vanguard who are here to serve all our fellow brethren as we re-awaken into a brave new future where we may reclaim our true sovereignty on a truly liberated planet, where all information is open sourced and transparent.

Our thoughts dictate our personal futures and our collective timelines. Now, more than ever, be the optimistic and compassionate inner light for yourself and your fellow humans. Step away from fear, shame and aggression and step into the courage that will allow for you the expansion into unconditional love for all during this magnificent paradigm shift. There are so many of us who share this inner vision and so many wonderful discoveries and technologies affirming this. Change can be exhilarating and there are many on this planet with personal agendas to manipulate these changes, so listen to your gut, feel through your heart, and use your mind and together, may you lead with love and unhindered intuition.

Your most precious gift is your free will, never succumb to anything that could hinder your true sovereignty. Keep sharp and stand strong. We live in an age of so many levels of disinformation, simulation and many, highly advanced, non-disclosed technologies, which makes for the perfect storm. Stay as healthy and sharp as you can through a wholesome diet and honoring what you place your time and attention towards. Most of you who are reading this know how to help yourself, but if anyone one here ever feels lost, myself and many others can assist you in regaining your full-body health so you may re-align with your own inner compass.

Much love to everyone, always.



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