Our Biome and Our Virome

Perhaps instead of vilifying our virome, our biome, and our cell-mediated and humoral immune systems, we should take a look at our body’s toxemia levels and society as a whole for polluting our bodies (and our planetary body).
Example One:  Cyanide is a toxic by-product of many things, including air pollution. When the microbiome is compromised, cyanide is pulled into the bloodstream and binds to Covid-19, (both have a pulmonary affinity), poisoning the bloodstream, causing what we call histotoxic hypoxia. Despite the name (translated literally as “tissue-toxic-lack of oxygen”), there is not an actual reduction in the amount of oxygen (O2) in our blood, but rather our red blood cell count can no longer bind to the O2– In short, our blood stream has become poisoned and our humoral immune system creates an autoimmune response. Secondly, our lungs absorbs the virus faster by up-regulating the ACE2 inhibitors on the surface of our lungs (and also destroying the cilia) hence catalyzing the cytokine surge that causes further inflammation and hence, pneumonia, which in some is causing death.
How is the microbiome compromised? Example Two:  Glyphosate (roundup) is a ubiquitous toxin that destroys our microbiome in our gut, a major component to our mood, immunity and overall health. It begins by destroying the cilia in our small intestine (which otherwise absorbs nutrients). When it enters our epithelial cells, it messes with the structure of our cytoplasm (among other things), which causes our cells to loose their structure, causing a “leaky gut” allowing the glyphosate to enter the blood stream, where it does not belong.  It then does exactly what the cyanide is capable of doing.
Pharmaceutically prescribed statins and ace inhibitors can also catalyze histotoxic hypoxia via the same pathway, but in general, cumulative toxicity catalyzes toxemia and hence anaerobic activity.   I would avoid, at all reasonable costs– toxic heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations containing adjuvants (and human and animal fetal cells), non-naturally endogenous bacteria, preservatives, insecticide, fungicides, and pesticides (glyphosate).  Honor your blood by keeping it as clean as you can!  Honor your microbiome by consuming living whole fruits, vegetables, fermented foods, raw and cultured dairy, etc.   Do wash your hands regularly and keep clean and also do hug your friends and family.  We increase our gut microbiome through simple human contact.  If you are sick, stay home and nourish yourself for at least two weeks.  If you are not sick, please breathe and avoid hypoxia, especially during all this heat!  Do get some sunshine (or D3) and take all your B’s and high levels of Vitamin C (citrus fruits, ascorbic and liposomal and ester-c).  If you feel sick, add Zinc, tonic water (quinine water) and healing herbs (you can refer to my post on herbal antivirals or Stephen Buhner’s book).  Rest and hydration, calming thoughts and slow, steady deep breaths.    If your symptoms are extreme consult an OD, DNM, ND, Ayurvedic, TCM or an MD (a non-profit driven one), you can try hydroxychloroqine with zinc or sodium nitrate (NaNO3)— How do these anti-malaria drugs work (that cannot be patented or profited from)?  They change the shape of the red blood cells, reversing the cyanide (or other adjuvant) binding and thus reverses the hypoxia.   What not to do?  Don’t panic.  Don’t eat a bunch of crappy, toxic foods.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t go on a ventilator (unless you pierced your lung in a car accident or something of that nature).
I work with a technology that carries RIFE frequencies.  I can see where unhealthy microorganisms and parasites exist in the body.  When dysbiosis exists, it means there is a surplus of unhealthy bacteria and parasites and a deficiency of healthy bacteria.  I can also view viral loads and my fancy machine can differentiate the frequencies of different viruses.  Some viruses come and go, while others, appear to be burrowed in bodies and take up permanent residence.  Sometimes they can cause havoc and become anaerobic co-factors.  I have always considered these viruses to be foreign enemies, but I watched this video below (Zach Bush, MD) and he is offering an interesting perspective.  Viruses as potential genetic upgrades and we have certainly co-evolved with many retroviruses.  Without our mitochondrial RNA, we wouldn’t exist!  I don’t think in terms of all or none (universal qualifiers), but I am willing to contemplate this virome theory and some of them existing as part of our evolution for healthy existence.  There are certainly plenty of studies that if you contract (and survive) chicken pox, measles, german measles, diphtheria (etc.), you are more likely to live longer and your biome, pulmonary and cardiovascular system are much healthier as you age.    Something worth thinking about. I also wish to cite Dr. Bush for the aforementioned metabolic pathway of cyanide.   He is quite articulate.

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