A note on the subject of vaccination

A short summation as to my non-conventional opinion on the subject:

The nature of disease is toxemia.  The more poisons that accumulate in the body, the more difficult it becomes for our mitochondria to respirate (which fuel our cells and thus our bodies).  The more anaerobes, foreign micro-organisms and synthetic chemicals that accumulate, the less effective our immune systems become.  To understand why vaccination is highly ineffective, one must understand the basics as to how the immune system functions.

It is also important people understand how the virus SARS-Cov-2//Covid-19 functions (assuming we are even talking about a virus, which is up for debate).  Covid-19 is a mutagenic virus, similar to influenza, but more aggressive in some respects.  This means it mutates, so it becomes very difficult to chase the disease with a vaccination.  In regards to influenza, laboratories must culture the virus and offer their best guess as to which one is going to be “the one” that affects us each flu season, further perpetuating it and potentially further strengthening it and ensuring its continued survival.  It is up for debate if this class of viruses are man-made, but it is certain that cultivating them offers it the potential for its continued existence.  Additionally, viruses are cultured in pig or horse blood, or pig, horse, and rabbit brain tissue (which contain non-human antigens), so not fully suitable for humans and certainly not vegan (not that I’m vegan, but I know a lot of people these days are).

Most importantly are all the preservatives it contains:  The vaccine is not just the dead virus in saline— it’s contained within a concoction of preservatives (and heaven only knows what else).  The main preservatives can include:  Thimerosal (49% mercury), which causes a host of neurological and enteric diseases, among other issues; Aluminum potassium sulfate and Aluminum phosphate, known carcinogens that also cause dementia (gets stuck in the corpus collosum), autism, and enhances our receptivity to electropollution (being metallic and we are by nature, an antennae); Lactalbumin hydrolysate, a toxin; Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen; Acetone, highly volatile and can cross the placenta barrier; and Glycerin, an alcohol derived  from decomposed fats (from what?!) and damages kidneys, liver, lungs and local tissues at the injection site and has been shown to occasionally cause excessive urination and death.

Please also understand that these vaccines get injected straight into the blood, our most coveted part of our body, with zero warning for our immune system to naturally respond.  Generally, when our body encounters a foreign microbe, our immunity prepares by first firing up our mucosa or tear ducts or the interferon proteins on our skin.  This is our system’s first warning to signal to our thymus gland to start producing anti-bodies.  If we accidentally swallow a microbe, if our stomach is healthy enough, our hydrochloric acid will destroy it before it passes into the small intestine for absorption.  If the virus does manage to make it into the blood, the immune response is already prepared with an army of T-Cells, lymphocytes and leukocytes and other WBCs.  They have already learned how to identify the virus, find them, and destroy them.  When someone injects a vaccine straight into their blood stream, they bypass their body’s natural immune response and suddenly the body is inundated with foreign toxins, such as heavy metals, that are extremely difficult to detox from, which carry devastating health effects, especially in the young, the old, and the immune-compromised.   It might also be an opportune moment to mention here that funding for viruses/vaccination research has been at least $86 billion in the last 2 dozen years, primarily from a small handful of billionaires (such as Bill Gates), whose primary concern is population control and reduction (yes, this is in the public record, go and take a look).

Additionally, vaccinations cause outbreaks, rather than prevent them.  For the next two to ten days after a person receives a vaccine, they shed the virus, potentially causing harm to anyone around them, both those who have vaccinated and those who have not vaccinated.  Since people who vaccinate tend to be more immuno-compromised than those who do not, it can cause an outbreak in those who have already received a vaccination, completely defeating the purpose.   In our modern era, at least in our country, most outbreaks of measles and mumps (for example) have been traced back to children who had recently been vaccinated and the majority of those who caught them had already been vaccinated.

We prevent illness by detoxifying our bodies, not by toxifying them.  Despite our advances in diagnostic technologies, trauma medicine, surgery, and understanding of biochemical pathways, we are incurring more types of modern illnesses and higher rates of them.  We have found that we can keep chicken hearts alive, potentially indefinitely, if we keep it clean of all anaerobes and synthetic chemicals and feed it the proper amount of nutritional supplements.  This is also how our bodies work as well, but far more complicated since we don’t live in a vat.  Microorganisms and parasites compete with our cells and microbiome for food and then they poop out what doesn’t serve them, further perpetuating an anaerobic environment for them all to thrive in and all foreign micro-organisms are co-factors for each other.  The more anaerobic our cells become, the more difficult it is for their mitochondria to produce adequate energy—In an oxygen rich environment, they produce an output of 35-36 electrons, rather than only 2 electrons in an anaerobic environment (which takes as much energy to produce).    Mitochondria respiration is what fuels our cells and thus our bodies, when they falter, we develop a plethora of health issues and symptoms of chronic fatigue, mutations, etc.   Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge that not only do synthetic chemicals, invasive bacteria and fungi (such as those from antibiotics) destroy our microbiome and contribute to viral co-factors, but so does electro-pollution:  Dirty EMFs, particularly in the ionizing and the micro and millimeter non-ionizing range, through all man-made electricity causes a breakdown in the mitochondrial pathways, ion channels, a thinning of the blood-brain barrier and thus about three dozen different symptoms of disease, including depression, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, cardiovascular disorders, endocrine disorders, neurological disorders, etc.   A co-factor to all disease, including viral, is dirty radiation (not to be confused with a short range of frequencies that heal our body, such as our planet’s Schumann Resonance, which is becoming harder to detect with all the electro noise).    Without going into another tangent, there is an observation that has been made by dozens of researchers with electron microscopes that given the right environment and frequencies, any cell can mutate into a cancer cell, then a bacteria, then a fungus and even into a virus… and back.  This is called pleomorphic theory.  This is also related to epigenetics, insofar as, we have the power to shift our genetics in our lifetime based upon our environment and choices, for better or for worse.

In the case of COVID-19, which is a fairly mild virus, the vaccine “cure” is far worse than the actual disease and such “solutions” will send these individuals into a downward spiral of requiring allopathic medicine for the rest of their lives, since they are toxifying their body past its available, adapted immune response.   The main cause of death of COVID-19 is not the virus itself, but the body’s immune response:  Compromised immunities  who encounter the virus– which messes with the cilia in the lungs—, overcompensate by creating a cytokine storm (cytokine cascade) which inflames the lungs.  It appears most people are dying from pneumonia or some other type of respiratory inflammation.  There are a number of herbals and nutrients that can help to minimize this type of hyperactive response.  If I was attacked by a rabid dog and found myself with a short window of time before I developed rabies, than yes, that would be an example where the vaccine’s toxic preservatives are worth the risk since the disease is far worse, but thank the Goddess we are not being faced with rabid zombies, but what instead is a mild to moderate flu-like symptoms, for the majority of individuals.  The annual death rate for influenza is still higher than that of COVID, even with the whole death certificate gouging (deaths are being signed off as COVID, that might not have been directly related).

Our bodies have evolved for millions of years to be able to adapt.  We have a comprehensive and highly intelligent immune system and microbiome and if we keep ourselves healthy and detoxed and feed it adequate nutrients, we should be able to heal ourselves back into homeostasis after contact with most any disease we encounter.    There is also a “social immunity” theory:  The more people who contract the disease, the easier it is for others, even those who they have not come into close physical contact, to “tune into” the morphogenic field and create the code, so the body can learn how to effectively “read” it and create antibodies even more efficiently.

There is also little discussion in the mainstream media outlets about pragmatic prevention and additional alternatives.  First and foremost— Keeping oneself as healthy as possible, calm and detoxed (so hydration, exercise, organic foods, avoiding synthetic anything) is everyone’s front line of defense.  Sunshine (or Vitamin D3) and Vitamin C (which is the ammunition our white blood cells use to destroy viruses) are two heavy hitters.  If a person is older or immune compromised and feels the need to take something preventative, one option is to consume a homeopathic remedy.  So instead of injecting the dead virus into the blood, you imbibe in the virus’ frequency imprint.  Everything that exists on the planet has its own unique frequency signature (and ultimately, we are waves of energy).  This will allow the body’s white blood cells to have already read and encountered the virus (without actually encountering it), so the body can be prepared for a future encounter.  This is a more delicate and sophisticated method than a vaccine, which works in a similar manner but is the equivalent of a bludgeon.  I am able to provide this service, but again, this issue is that SARS is mutagenic—however, I *think* that if you consume one of the original mutations of COVID-19, the system should still find it recognizable.   There is a lot of talk about the antibody cultivation from the NIH, taken from healthy individuals and cultivated.  In theory, this would be effective, but again, I would want to know more about the preservatives involved (since this is the number one concern, in my opinion).

The decisions we make, impact not only our bodies, but our cells and our genetics and for those of us who still plan to procreate, our children and their children, for at least seven generations, as well as those in proximity to us.  Toxins accumulate and many of them can pass into the placenta.  Opting into taking a vaccine is more than a personal choice, it affects all of society and our offspring.


Below, I have also attached a segment from a post I made on facebook a few days back, specifically in regards to dirty EMR as a contributing co-factor to pandemics.  I choose not to add the gradual increase in myocardial infarction (heat attacks), neurological disorders and diabetes—which are also physical responses to electropollution.  I wanted to stick just with the viral responses, so here is a summation:

Since the advent of man-made electricity, there has been a direct correlation with new diseases and microorganisms.

In “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life.” Written by Arthur Firstenberg, a portion of this book offers both quantitative and qualitative evidence to support the evolution of modern electricity and a direct/positive relationship with viral pandemics, to sum up a lengthy chapter 9:

1889 Pandemic of Influenza–
The year power lines became installed en masse, millions of miles worth

1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic–
(which first developed on US Navy ships and submarines)
The year the radio era began, building powerful radio stations at LF and VLF

1957 Asian Flu Pandemic–
Radar era began in the northern hemisphere, hurling millions of watts of microwave energy skyward.

1968 Hong Kong Flu Pandemic–
The satellite era launched of dozens of satellites

2020— (my addition)
Global deployment of 5G, Wuhan being the first fully blanketed province/place that 5G has been deployed.

Truth bomb alert: The true nature of disease is toxemia! We don’t heal our bodies by injecting and radiating it with synthetic chemicals and dissonant frequencies– this is how we make ourselves more toxic, further compromising our immune system’s ability to build anti-bodies and thus adapt This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

I wish our populations would turn on their critical thinking caps and take the time to read/research legit books, papers, journals, documentaries, etc. (that aren’t being funded by billionaires whose primary interests involve mass population reduction). In addition to toxemia, I suggest researching pleomorphic theory, morphogenic field theory, and anything related to bio-physics/bio-energetics/electro-magentics/vitalistism… or just dive into nature and meditate.

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