When the veil lifts and the sun shines through and the people start listening to the heart beat of our planet in brave, new ways…

There will be many who feel dissonant and out-of-sorts, for they played the game loyally that was presented before them by the false archetypes. It is up to us, the Light Workers, the Ancient Builders, Code Keepers and Guardians of Wisdom, the many and the I AM who have upheld the many millenniums of gnosis, true gnosis, who feel in our hearts the truth bombs that are slowly, inconspicuously revealing themselves– To assist our fellow brethren by holding space as they too transition into the awakening process. We know who we are, just as we know who each other are, for we have incarnated so many, many times to hold space, specifically for this saeculum, this GREAT REVEALING, the true apocalypse, through this SPIRAL OF TIME. We have attuned ourselves for so long to the resonant frequencies of harmonious Gaia, which was why many of us never quite found our niche when the inverted matrix was cloaked upon us, but we continued to do our GREAT WORK, on ourselves, with each other, in research and in exploration, sometimes at with great risk or misjudgement by others who simply just didn’t understand. We have already been juggling on a tight rope between 3rd-5th+ densities, looking for ways to sprinkle seeds of clarity amongst those who have forgotten their SOURCE SEED POINT or those who have entrenched themselves in a lineage of miasms and/or a lifestyle of toxemia.

As our friend David Block mentioned earlier, WE ARE THE TRANSITION TEAM and we are coming online, en masse. As our friend Ivy Lynn Allen texted me, WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THIS TIME WAS COMING AND WE ARE OK BECAUSE WE ARE THE FUTURE ELDERS. We All saw some version of this in our mind’s eye for years, some of us for decades, and while the false blood-lines of the inverted matrix attempted (and continue) to desiccate our pineal glands and poison our blood with their many destructive tactics, we prevailed just the same. THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND ALL IT’S HIGHER REALMS OF FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHT have been here to help us reclaim our planet. We knew it would be a long and arduous process, so our ancient selves planted seeds for our future selves (and vice versa), to wake us out of slumber, so we could awaken many who will, in turn, awaken more.

WELCOME TO THE GREAT DELUGE OF THE MASS AWAKENING– Through our efforts of collective thought, ritual and positive intention, we reached critical mass many moonths ago and now we are starting see false structures unravel. What feels like chaos and turmoil is just a higher order of energetics revealing herself. Let us remember, this is a free will universe and THERE IS GREAT WORK TO DO and for many of us, for decades to come, but IT IS BEGINNING, for this is THE END OF DAYS and OUR TIME IS NOW.

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