A New Paradigm of Sovereignty

There are a lot of people right now whose entire ontological perspective is beginning to feel challenged and it probably feels super left field, since many of you played this simulacrum like you were taught, you built your box and you stayed in your lane and didn’t stray too far from the central tenants of belief– If your web of beliefs is feeling fragile, I would like to say that I have a lot of compassion for you and this process. What has taken me twenty years (and possibly lifetimes) of research, experience and processing, is or will be coming in as a forced onslaught and it must feel really threatening to have the rug pulled out from under your feet. We are undergoing a dismantling of a failing paradigm, as a brave new paradigm that so many of us have been envisioning and building is bleeding through. It’s no longer a question of “if” as it is of “when”, for energetically We the People of Humanity have long since reached critical mass and we bring with us, not only a totally different all-systems approach, but a new consciousness, technologies and frequency of being, which happens to correlate with the increasing Schumann Resonance and a new astrological age. The shifting of paradigms is messy, especially as the reveal becomes a deluge and it looks really dark, as the Leviathan’s head has been cut off and the shadow is surfacing and it isn’t pretty. There is a lot of uncertainty and disorientation and you may be grasping at your trusted institutions for what to believe– but many of these ideals are beginning to falter and you must become vigilant and look to yourself, connect your own dots, find your own north star. The revolution is our evolution and it starts with physical and psychological sovereignty. I invite you to declare yours.

All of us must equip ourselves with compassion on an unprecedented scale, as these next few months are going to be intense. Remember to have compassion for yourself, compassion for your fellow humans who are undergoing layers of transformation, and compassion for those who have trespassed against us, our forefathers and this planet. This is the year our vision becomes 2020 and we have Great Work to collaborate on for all of what’s to come. “Knock-knock” it’s time to wake up and abandon this outmoded sinking ship, no more snoozing. May peace and wellness be with all my relations.

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