Neuroparasitology & Controlling, Vampiric Parasites

Literally and symbolically, there are vampiric parasites controlling the minds of humans (and other animals) and have been manipulating for their own evolutionary gain for many thousands of years… and generally speaking in regards to humanoids, the more anaerobic a person is, the more they are a cess-pool, housing non-healthy, non-symbiotic helminths, fungus, bacteria and viruses. They are not only co-factors for each other, wrecking havoc on our mitchondria, blood, chi and immunities, but many of them have mind manipulation and mind sedation tactics. A few of them actually gain us extra-sensory tactics that arguably “help” the host, but most parasites are a one-sided gain only. My research has been both horrifying and fascinating! Even more difficult is how we detox some of these guys without accidentally spreading them to others via our sewage systems, etc. This rabbit hole is so, so deep (leading me Roma, to Babylon and beyond) and the amount of work and responsibility that is required of us to detox (mentally and physically) feels really overwhelming, especially right now.

Much has been recently studied under neuroparasitology but there is so much more that needs to be researched on all levels. Some of the examples are so horrifying and grotesque, it’s too x-rated to post, but here is one quickie example that is well-researched: There is a class of parasitic worm called trematodes. It will infect an ant’s brain that controls its locomotion and mouth-parts. During the day, the infected insect behaves like non-infected ants. But at night, it does not return to its colony. Instead, it climbs to the top of a blade of grass and clamps onto it with its mandibles. There it dangles in the air, waiting for a grazing sheep to come by and eat it. If it doesn’t happen the next morning, it will return to its colony, repeating the process until the sheep eats it– There, in the belly of the now infected sheep, it can reproduce. When the sheep deficates and an unsuspecting ant wanders by, the cycle repeats itself.

This is one of thousands of examples, most of which are far more disturbing and the more we research toxoplasma and other microbes, the more clear it is that these unnecessary bacteria and viruses have a major effect on our endocrine and neurological systems. This is far more serious than I initially believed. Part of my dissertation regards this subject. I very much want to scan with my frequency machine the guts and brains of sociopaths, psychopaths, docile sheeple and other fringe personalities and see what I find! Stay tuned…

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