Herbal Anti-Virals – A Condensed List

The following herbal information was compiled by Joan Zinn and Stephen Buhner*, **: Anti-virals, for Inluenza, as well as a closer look at SARS-Cov-2 (when this form of SARS enters the body, it mutates into Covid-19)—   Symptoms often include:  Dry cough, Fever, “Malaise,” Upper respiratory infections (occasionally) and sometimes headaches and can take a few days to begin to manifest.  Initial infection that allows viral replication can cause an initial hyper-reactivity (causing a cytokine storm) and minor to severe pulmonary (lung) damage.  These type of viruses infect the cilia within the lungs.   Herbals: -Initial encounter with any virus:… Read More

A Social Miasm is Bubbling Up

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (St. Paul) I have been studying homeopathy and miasms. Miasms are a very specific type of disease that have a mind-body-spirit affectation on multiple bodily systems and are deeply entrenched in the DNA (latent) and when triggered by major stress or toxins or behaviors (epigenetics), will reveal themselves as multi-tiered ailments. It is as though miasms have some sort of frequency match with evil energetics, though it is possible that caring humans with… Read More

Being and Time Crystals: An Ontological Perspective of Quantized Singularities

11:11 Blessings on 11:11 Everyone! My commentary is in response to a wonderful article on “time crystals” from one of my favorite torsion-based experimental laboratories, The Resonance Foundation, sent to me by my friend Kathy Wilcox: First, here is the link to this highly inspirational and well explicated article: Time Crystals: A New Form Of Matter That Could Change Everything Language and our use of it has a great affect on the manifestation of our psychological and sociological creations.  More so, our thoughts are dictated by our overuse of some word-concepts, as well as by the omission of utilizing words… Read More

The Revealing of Truth Through Compassion as an Evolving Archetype

While I offer my love and support to all women who have chosen to participate in the blackout, it has always been my style to reveal my truths in my own unique ways… Like all truth-seekers, I possess an incumbent responsibility to want to know: Seeking “Truth” and the essence of things. As though “Truth” was a static and objective “thing”, frozen in “time”, that could be “found” and was separate from myself and my experiences. Over the years, as I practiced more compassion for others, I found more compassion for myself, which allowed for myself the ability to shed… Read More

Re-birthing our Light Bodies: Prismatic Electrons

The sun supplies us limitless supply of photons for life, of which our bodies imbibe, offering us voltage, stored within our bodies as a currency of electrons.  Each photon carries a geometric coding, a field of qauntized light of vast information, reflectional with the entirety of the universe, a mirrored reflection of information, just as expressed by Haramein and Rouscher in their paper regarding the Schwartzchild Proton.  This light is in each of us, it is us!  When we come into this awakening, we activate our electrons within the hydrogen bonds of our very own DNA.  These photons, “diamond codices… Read More

Anchoring the Vision of 5D Eartha: A WSMFP Experience

On the flip side of my co-production with the festival Sonic Bloom, I celebrate the commencement of each year by attending a weekend of Red Rocks shows, featuring my favorite band, Widespread Panic.  This year was my 20th Sunday show (having skipped a couple in there during the George years) and musically, this was one for the records, what an epic production and as always, so much soul and layers of symbolism through so many of Panic’s timeless, layered lyrics and their choice songs:  JB is truly a prophet, so humble in his gnosis. I once upon a time started… Read More

My Personal Path of Ascension, A Poem

The poem below, I recited in four parts for a ritual theater performance, my character was a higher version of all of myself, a crystalline frequency, while acknowledging all aspects of myself, the union of shadow and light.  The acceptance of All.  Enjoy! Heavy with burden When left unheard Stagnant and stiff Like a dream deferred. But the seed remains— It surrenders into the sublunary Of shadows that cloak: For All paths carry Truth Our antagonists, they are us. Unfolding tethered wings Against the winds of contrast I will to heal our broken past— These mirrors sing of song Where… Read More

Mathematical Foundations of Electromedicine

Matter and light are interconvertible and interconnected, this has been a known fact.  If you are still stuck crushing on Newton, then go back to the 1950s, or the dark ages, seriously.  For anyone else who is interested in my enhanced theory of centropy (as apposed to entropy) and how it is the future of healing this planet and our bodies, read on, as this is a foundational component… Under the current Einstein-Lorentz energy model (E=mc²/√(1-v²/c²),  we get this asymptotic expression towards infinity if we try to push matter through the space/time fabric via linear means.  That is because, within… Read More

A Brief Commentary on the Allopathic Industry

Perspective is critical if we are to continue to evolve.  An example of  one type of paradigm shift:  If we were to shrink ourselves to the size of a bacterium, we certainly would see things differently.  These ubiquitous little prokaryotic beings long preceded us humans, it might even be said that they organized themselves to create us, so that they may more resiliently persevere as more complex systems.  Perhaps the origin of mitochondria?  Bacterium, they are multitudinious and from a microbiological perspective,  they are our creators!  Humans oftentimes dismiss the power of these little beings, grouping all bacteria together as… Read More

My “Go Time” Manifestations

It’s time for this glorious country to wake up out of its drunken stupor of binge materialism and start exercising its six senses!  It is time we pull our heads our of the tele-tube and exercise our critical thinking skills! Any human my age or older, can remember a time when airplanes only emitted contrails and the first time one ever saw a chemtrail (I was about seven) and the ability to observe the difference, especially in a world that has less oxygen and water (therefore less ability to produce clouds), since we our depleting our water cycle through industrialization… Read More