Morphic Divine Feminine Blessings

Blessings and gratitude to the Divine Feminine in all its forms: Blessings to our Gaia Pachamama, to our Grandmothers and their mitochondrial RNA that they blessed us with, to the great continent of mama Africa– our origin, and to each our mothers for birthing and raising us. Blessings to Source-Sophia and the alchemical Chalice. Thank Goddess for the transmutory, archetypal journey of the Feminine’s many forms we each take upon this precious journey. Bless our waters, Luna’s light, and our Shakti Yin essence. …And so much gratitude for the abundance of powerful Seastars all around me who are grounding the… Read More

Idolatry of ‘Sciencism’

It is interesting how “science” has replaced religion in modern idolatry. Our contemporaneous society have come to regard the same faith in science and medicine many of our western ancestors regarded in religion. Blindly and unquestioningly. Allopathic doctors and politicized “scientists” have replaced the priesthood while hospitals and big-pharma are regarded as temples and “holy waters” have been replaced by drugs, vaccines and antibiotics. As is described by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn in “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”, even performance rituals and sacrifices are performed such as in surgery and chemotherapy. The public is coerced into a tithing of the health… Read More

Two-World Split in a Post-Objective Reality

The two-world split is becoming more and more materialized. It’s obvious to those of us who’ve made the effort to hike a bit higher and see our so-called civilization from a more expansive perspective. This is a consciousness-based reality, we create our own reality and the collective together creates a meta-reality. This has been observed in quantum science experiments since the 1970s, but has not only been expounded upon since then, our ancients have been saying as much for many hundreds of years. Well, we are a global society now and the stakes are high in this war on consiousness… Read More

Election Deja Vu Voodoo

Remember back in 2000 with the election debacle? Florida/ Jeb Bush and Bush Jr. literally stole the election from Gore because associated press and corporate media deemed him the winner and nobody stirred up a fuss and just went with the story?… and how cowardly the Dem party was while Jr./Cheney threw us into multiple wars and coups, bombing away ancient history and pillaging our environment during their 8 years in office? — That same press that everyone still relies on for journalistic news that had grips of peeps believing Bin Laden and Hussein were in cahoots and Hussein supposedly… Read More

Neuroparasitology & Controlling, Vampiric Parasites

Literally and symbolically, there are vampiric parasites controlling the minds of humans (and other animals) and have been manipulating for their own evolutionary gain for many thousands of years… and generally speaking in regards to humanoids, the more anaerobic a person is, the more they are a cess-pool, housing non-healthy, non-symbiotic helminths, fungus, bacteria and viruses. They are not only co-factors for each other, wrecking havoc on our mitchondria, blood, chi and immunities, but many of them have mind manipulation and mind sedation tactics. A few of them actually gain us extra-sensory tactics that arguably “help” the host, but most… Read More

Our Biome and Our Virome

Perhaps instead of vilifying our virome, our biome, and our cell-mediated and humoral immune systems, we should take a look at our body’s toxemia levels and society as a whole for polluting our bodies (and our planetary body). Example One:  Cyanide is a toxic by-product of many things, including air pollution. When the microbiome is compromised, cyanide is pulled into the bloodstream and binds to Covid-19, (both have a pulmonary affinity), poisoning the bloodstream, causing what we call histotoxic hypoxia. Despite the name (translated literally as “tissue-toxic-lack of oxygen”), there is not an actual reduction in the amount of oxygen… Read More

Let’s Turn On Our Critical Thinking Caps

In all major events, I always ask the obvious: Who profits? Who gets screwed? How are powers (re)allocated?— The frivolity of laws that serve to “protect” us: We are permitted to shop at some places, but not at others. Some opinions (and hate speech) are permitted on social platforms, but not others. It is acceptable to assemble and protest for some rights and causes, but not for others. We are being mandated to follow some preventative health protocols, but not others. Just sayin’

Sumerian Wisdom & Anunnaki Prophecies

Sumerian Wisdom & Anunnaki Prophecies The following are translated excerpts of cuneiform tablets, circa 680 B.C. of “Sajaha the Seer” speaking with Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylonia: (I) My king, as you already know, there are vibrations and energy flows of different types and strength, everywhere and in everything and in everyone. For everything and also for all people, there exists a permanent force in a sea of cosmic and magical vibrations and energy currents; equal to a large lake, which is composed of many different seas in itself. And so everything emerges from and everyone experiences reality from oceans… Read More

The Healing of Our Hearts and Reconciliation for All

“To understand completely is to forgive completely.” In forgiveness lies freedom. The reconciliation runs deep… As many who study astronomy are aware, this entire Solar System is moving through a radiation belt and our entire system is receiving an upgrade. If we, as humans on Earth, are to enter the Age of Aquarius, we have no choice but to increase our Light quotient. This is done by not only detoxing our planet from chemical toxicity, but our own bodies as well, and equally as important, digging into our own shadows and forgiving ourselves and others for their trespasses. And we… Read More

A New Paradigm of Sovereignty

There are a lot of people right now whose entire ontological perspective is beginning to feel challenged and it probably feels super left field, since many of you played this simulacrum like you were taught, you built your box and you stayed in your lane and didn’t stray too far from the central tenants of belief– If your web of beliefs is feeling fragile, I would like to say that I have a lot of compassion for you and this process. What has taken me twenty years (and possibly lifetimes) of research, experience and processing, is or will be coming… Read More