Mathematical Foundations of Electromedicine

Matter and light are interconvertible and interconnected, this has been a known fact.  If you are still stuck crushing on Newton, then go back to the 1950s, or the dark ages, seriously.  For anyone else who is interested in my enhanced theory of centropy (as apposed to entropy) and how it is the future of healing this planet and our bodies, read on, as this is a foundational component…

Under the current Einstein-Lorentz energy model (E=mc²/√(1-v²/c²),  we get this asymptotic expression towards infinity if we try to push matter through the space/time fabric via linear means.  That is because, within our current space/time domain, matter cannot exceed the cosmic speed limit of light, for as it approaches light velocity, the energy required to push it past the speed of light is extreme and when physicists try to plug a number greater than the speed of light into the equation, we get an imaginary number, √(-1).   Many current mainstream physicists do not believe we can travel at superluminal speeds, but the fact that ‘i’ exits, has always had me thinking twice, for it serves as a necessary intermediary in finding solutions to equations within electromagnetic and quantum theory.  A number of months ago, I had a random epiphany that imaginary numbers were related to “dark matter” meaning that within the geometrically quantized infinite energy-density beyond our vacuum domain, these irrational numbers are very much “real” and must be some sort of mirrored inversion that trickles into our material world.  Some pioneering mathematicians such as Muses, considers ‘i’ to be a catergory of numbers referred to as ‘hypernumbers’ and today I stumbled upon this graph in this book I am reading, entitled “Vibrational Medicine” and had another eureka moment:

Granted this is still mostly theoretical since our mainstream technology is a bit antiquated, but gosh-golly-goddess, they are inverted mirrors of one another, literally asymptotic mirror reflections!  And furthermore, what Gerber (the author) calls “Etheric:  negative space/time” translates to me as a “time/space” inversion into Zero Point.  So many points to remark upon:

-The inversion of space/time is time/space.  So instead of space superseding our circadian perspectives and spin dynamics, all possibilities are in alignment within a singular phenomenological moment and thus the foundation of Zero Point, which would also be considered the central point within torsion fields.  The focal point within any given torsion field, which is a (star tetrahedral) sphere, would dictate the speed (time) and therefore the space.

-The origin of the above Cartesian coordinate (the central axis) is the event horizon.  My random intuitive understanding believes this threshold to be represented by the “Euler’s Identity” equation:  eˆ(iπ)+1=0 .  This is the threshold into “negative infinity” which is really just (capital) Light, aka our Source-Field matricy.    There is so much richness here, but for now, one observation of this equation and most other hyper-complex numbers, is that they all involve rotation.  There is spin and counter spin.  Well, duhhh, all things macro and micro in our observable universe also spins.  And another obvious point from those of us who still possess a functional pineal gland, is that everything is dynamic:  Creation is eternally unfolding and re-creating itself.

-The above domain that suggests an increase in energy is the threshold, a type of alpha-omega force-field.  In our physical (known) universe, “regular” space/time is associated with forces of electricity and electromagnetic radiation.  When you invert this, you get what physicists such as Tiller claim a new type of force he describes as magnetoelectric radiation.  It is interesting that the magnetism precedes the energy, until we begin to contemplate on how torsion fields operate, each sphere is condensed as one singularity, which are part of a larger matricy (I’m thinking Aspden’s vision of “matricy”), which ultimately forms larger torsion fields, like Russian dolls swallowing each other up— into what is ultimately one massive “Oneness” (the mystics in their simplicity, win again).   So when all points on the map connect, then it comes as no surprise there is this gravitic cohesion.

-When we invert ourselves into the “negative space/time” aka time/space quadrant, suddenly we are dealing with negative mass.  The mass, “unfreezes” itself into pure Light and turns centropic.  Centropy is the opposite of entropy.  It is also the ‘electrification of matter’ (according to Hurtak), as its principles lies in order, not chaos.  Nassim and various geomatricians have also noted that our universe has a proclivity towards organizing itself, not towards chaos.  Even our manifest and physical universe is  aligning and organizing into greater complexities.  Example: Biological systems consume foods and organize into proteins and DNA.  Another example would be stars forming systems forming galaxies and the older the galaxy, the more geometric it spirals.  Yes, in our current physical paradigm, there are constantly systems breaking down and building back up again and so forth, but the general observation is building towards more order, and when we cross this rainbow threshold, it appears to be a vast amount of harmonic, whole-Light beings that engulf celestial spheres within spheres!

-As has been mentioned for many decades and beyond by doctors like Hurtak and spiritual systems from the Orient, our universe is affected upon from a “top-down” model:  Light supersedes light, which eventually forms atoms, molecules, nucleotides, proteins, cells, etc.  Gerber theorizes that our etheric body, which is a holographic energy template from the higher orders of creation, is naturally centropic.  This concept is also foundational to the various forms of electromedicine (energy medicine) that I am super interested in understanding, so I may hopefully soon, be of serve in our collective healing.

There is so much more I could discuss or reference here, but for now, adieu.


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