Lunar Cycles for Intentional Planning

In honor of our super blue blood moon eclipsing yesterday, I wanted to post up an intentional guide to flow through our daily lives in conjunction with our lunar cycle.  The actual pdf format was not compatible for my blog, but here is the gist:

Lunar Cycle
Eight Phases for Personal Empowerment Monthly Goal Setting & Execution
[My compiled notes from Laura Shakti Blakeman’s 2015 Wanderlust Workshop… Thanks!]

1st— New (emerging/mystery):  “Re-set”/ Opportunity to deepen → Set intentions & “apprentice” from them

2nd— Crescent (rooting/exploration):  Waxing Light → Newness, wonderment, exploration (research, learning)

3rd— First Quarter (action):  ½ light & ½ dark/ Creating structure → Delivering system to execute

4th— Gibbous (refinement):  “Tending the buds” (continuing to follow through with the “doing”)

5th— Full (flowering/illumination):  “Gives meaning to the work”/ Threshold → Object becomes subject (“being” in the work)

6th— Disseminating/ Waning Gibbous (distribution):  “Giving away” → Making space for mystery to inspire again/ Open to receive already in the giving away (allowing space, further developement)

7th— Last Quarter (re-orientation/adjustment):  Tail end of the give away → What works and what doesn’t (reflection for improvements)

8th— Balsamic/ Waning Crescent (distillaton/”to the heart”):  Grieving that inspires fresh creativity → The “nuggets” we carry into the next cycle

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