Incomprehensible Power to Create

As I was searching through an old journal for a specific quote for a friend, I came across this old excerpt of mine, containing both an element of my poetics, as well as a eidetic download from a meditation visualization I had from 7/23/14, enjoy:

Sight-blinder builds shadows that transfix into static binds as stagnation plays us for spectator, but our destiny is in doing and its your move to make unique renewal– As crickets chirp their chords, the fractaling panorama internal world template for manifesting the ever-unfolding Now awaits with strings unstruck… Waiting, for you to willingly reach out your thought landscape and participate in this geometric symphony of infinity.  We are truly creator beings and our capabilities have no limit.  The only limits are the boundaries we have programmed to block our imagination, for we are the creatrixes who determine how much power we are willing to give ourselves.


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