Idolatry of ‘Sciencism’

It is interesting how “science” has replaced religion in modern idolatry. Our contemporaneous society have come to regard the same faith in science and medicine many of our western ancestors regarded in religion. Blindly and unquestioningly. Allopathic doctors and politicized “scientists” have replaced the priesthood while hospitals and big-pharma are regarded as temples and “holy waters” have been replaced by drugs, vaccines and antibiotics. As is described by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn in “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”, even performance rituals and sacrifices are performed such as in surgery and chemotherapy. The public is coerced into a tithing of the health care insurance system. Many in today’s civilization are just as superstitious as the people were of the past, as most do not actually know how to read or understand the science in which they claim to believe in, and they are still paying homage to false gods and false prophets, the only change is their appearance.
Allopathic medicine’s roots are revealed in the Greek word “pharmokon/pharmakeus/pharmakos/pharmakeia” which means “to practice witchcraft” which is where both pharmaceutical and poison are derived. Related is the etymology of idolatry—Eidololatreia (Greek) means “worship of that which is not God”. Aside the from perspective that All is One and All is God from the 7th/12th Heaven on up, the idea is that here in 3rd-5th density, that which has separated itself form Source is dissonant from the resonant harmonics of the One. So in this sense, the idea of idolatry as the “excessive attachment or trust in a person or thing” can be easily analogized to the way in which many humans on this planet have become co-dependent on hospitals and doctors and pharmaceuticals. They have forgotten basic common-sense nutrition and practices. They have also forgotten their Sovereign nature and how they may empower themselves and participate in their own healing process. Interestingly, pharmaceuticals are designed to block specific receptor sites or “to pass false information to certain cells in order to trick the body into giving up symptoms” (45). At best, they palliate symptoms, as allopathic medicine mistakes the messenger for the problem, further harming the individual by not addressing the etiological symptoms and causing more toxemia to the body. To put this bluntly, “drugs are telling lies to your body” (46) and who is the father of lies? “Satan deceives the whole world,” says John in Revelation 12:9. In Mark 5:25-34 and Luke 8:43-48 there is a story mentioned about a sick woman who gave all her money to doctors and yet continued to get sicker, a story that is much like today’s experience in allopathic medicine. It is said that one of Satan’s cleverest tricks to influence us is to not believe in his/it’s existence, nor his army of assistants. Ask yourself, are you on the side of health and harmony (centropic/negentropic in nature) or are you on the side of sickness and discord (entropic in nature)? Demonic spirits don’t like essential oils or healing herbs and harmonious environments, they are repelled by them.
Disclosure is coming and as John also says “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free” (John 8:32). In regards to health and healing, walking away from the false pharohs and the false temple constructs of medical institutions and empowering oneself with knowledge is half the battle. As Sovereign beings, be can walk away from this abusive, co-dependent relationship, as we each find our own true north and stand alone before Source-God/Goddess. It is “incumbent upon each and every one of us to accept the duties of the priests that we are. It is we who must conduct our own worship within our own personal temples …(and) it is we who must take responsibility for maintaining our temples in good healthy condition so that we may serve” (57) as good stewards of this planet.


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