Icosca-Dodeca Star-Tetrahedron Geoform Crystalline Bliss

Momentum, Torque, Torsion & Leverage:  Upon our planetary 3D experience, this pretty much sums up our stratagem for success!

Three of my favorite polyhedrals and foundational structures for all of biological life, the dodecahedron (phi), and the crystalline icosahedron and double (star) tetrahedron (structured water, necessary for our life, carries the tetra sp3 orbital formation).  Spin this puppy omni-directionally, and you get a torsion field that carries a gravito-electromagnetic field, which carries a singularity vacuum of infinite energy density in its still center, and can also manipulate space-time (depending on where in which the observer is “riding” this torsion structure).  The biotechnology equivalent is referred to as a MerKaBah field, as mastered version of our own electromagnetic field, that can allow for us to eventually, as we evolve, to manipulate space-time and time-space by matching frequencies of another space-time coordinate and fold our energy and instantaneously reappear in another time or space.

This particular geoform was created by the talented Sean Allen and is gold-plated nickel.
Photo taken by the lovely and sweet Skanda.

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