Herbal Anti-Virals – A Condensed List

The following herbal information was compiled by Joan Zinn and Stephen Buhner*, **:

Anti-virals, for Inluenza, as well as a closer look at SARS-Cov-2 (when this form of SARS enters the body, it mutates into Covid-19)—


Symptoms often include:  Dry cough, Fever, “Malaise,” Upper respiratory infections (occasionally) and sometimes headaches and can take a few days to begin to manifest.  Initial infection that allows viral replication can cause an initial hyper-reactivity (causing a cytokine storm) and minor to severe pulmonary (lung) damage.  These type of viruses infect the cilia within the lungs.



-Initial encounter with any virus: Chinese (Baical) Skullcap and Ginger / Lomatium / Licorice Root

-Balancing immunity response:  Elder /  Inmortal or Pleurisy Root  (lymph drainage from lung)/ Red Root (spleen & lymph drainage) and Poke Root, Chinese Skullcap Root, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Bidens pilosa /  Rhodiola / Astragalus / Cordyceps / Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese Knotweed) /

-Inhibitors to Cytokine Cascade: Houttuynia, Cordyceps, Chinese (Biacal) Skullcap / Licorice Root / Angelica sinensis and Astragalus (lowers TGF levels) / Salvia miltiorrhiza (reducing HMGB1 levels)

-Sepsis: Dong Quai / Red Sage / Licorice  / Green Tea or Quercetin / Nicotine (lowers the protein in the lungs)

-Reduce kidney failure: Red and near-infrared light (630-830 nm)

Add’l natural protocols for SARS-group COV-19:  Block viral attachment—Licorice, Chinese Skullcap Root, Elder, Luteolin, Horse Chestnut / Japanese Knotweed Root / Chinese or Indian Rhubarb / Plants high in Procycanidins and Lectins (like cinnamon) / Kudzu, Dan Shen, Ginko biloba / Hawthorn / Boneset / Rhodiola / Astragalus

Immune Boosting Supplements:

Vitamin C (ammunition lymphocytes use to attack virus), Vitamin D3 (or adequate sunshine), B Complex (all of them!),  Zinc (anti-viral), L-Lysine (anti-viral), Iodine (boosts endocrine system, buffers from radiation, possible to detox quickly from bromine, fluorine so careful not to over-detox), magnesium, zeolites/humic acid/ fulvic acid/ shiligit. Garlic, etc. and anything high on the ORAC scale (cinnamon, clove, etc.) / Colloidal Silver (Structured Silver even better) / Frankincense & Myrrh, Oregano, Cinnamon and other therapeutic Essential Oils.

-Direct Anti-Virals: that will inhibit viral penetration of host cells and replication (best taken early on)—

Chinese (Baical) Scullcap / Cordyceps / Isatis / Astragalus / Licorice Root / Rhodiola / Houttuynia / Boneset/ Lomatium / Elder (branch, leaf & berry) / Yerba Santa (tincture, expectorant, bronchial dilator, decongestant ) / Red Root (tincture) / Elephant Tree (tincture, anti-inflammatory and thins mucas) / Osha (tincture,  anti-viral, anti-inflammatory expectorant & increases O2 intake) / Inmortal / Pleurisy Root (improves cilia function) and Astragalus, Cordyceps and Rhodiola for common respiratory conditions.

*Joann Zinn is an herbalist and my professor at IBEM, most of this information was presented in my class and I am open-sourcing to assist in guidance for those seeking natural anti-virals.  Stephen Buhner is her teacher and much of this information and more is available through his books “Herbal Antivirals” and “Herbal Antibiotics”.   If you re-share, please credit his two lovely humans.

**These recommendations have not necessarily been studied by any ABC agency and are intended as guidance only.


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