The Healing of Our Hearts and Reconciliation for All

“To understand completely is to forgive completely.”

In forgiveness lies freedom.
The reconciliation runs deep…

As many who study astronomy are aware, this entire Solar System is moving through a radiation belt and our entire system is receiving an upgrade. If we, as humans on Earth, are to enter the Age of Aquarius, we have no choice but to increase our Light quotient. This is done by not only detoxing our planet from chemical toxicity, but our own bodies as well, and equally as important, digging into our own shadows and forgiving ourselves and others for their trespasses. And we all have many generations, all the way back since the Age of Aires, to remember and offer our apologies. Not only towards the small fraction of so-called humans on this planet that have purposely enslaved us, but also the majority of us humans who have engaged in lifetimes of hardships towards and against our fellow brethren.

It doesn’t run just as shallow as the color of our skin, though this, in and of itself will require great compassion and understanding. Not just black people forgiving white people in America (who must also forgive themselves), but black people with black people; as African tribes sold off African tribes to those of European descent. Not just white Americans with First Nations, but also forgiveness for native nations with other native nations (this reconciliation is already underway). We have much to reconcile and forgive for every great genocide on this planet, some of which are still taking place. But it runs even deeper and historical perspectives are necessary to begin to understand our planetary subconscious behaviors that govern many human’s basic emotions.

Most of our greatest post-diluvian ancient civilizations were governed by brown and black root races. And likewise, many white races of those times were grounded in shamanic roots. Only a deeper look into our fractured understanding of history can allow us even a glimpse as to how our black brethren fell from ascended kings to warring tribes, how our white brethren fell from Earth-protectors to Earth-conquerors and how many across the planet, fell into human sacrifice, that unbeknownst to many, is still prevalent today.

But this fall runs even deeper, it’s not just the fall of the ancient blood lineages who served in Light, but before that, the fall(s) of the great civilizations of Atlantis and prior to that, the fall of the divine feminine, some 60,000 earth years ago. There is a lot of heliospheric reconciliation and in order to fully forgive, it is imperative people understand their history and herstory and it digs far deeper than we have been formally taught in our public schools and funded institutions.

And 60,000 years is just the beginning of it from the galactic perspective. Our most ancient texts reveal a great war between groups of varying terrestrials and extra-terrestrials, some of which are not humanoid. Some of these factions supported our human sovereignty, while others wanted to enslave us. The Rg-Vedas, some of our most ancient texts, expound on this galactic battle. There also appear to be several Annunakian civilizations and at least a few dozen other galactic species, all which have incredibly long histories with one another, in both peace and in conflict. Some are highly evolved and live in pure frequencies filled only with the perspective of love, harmony and peace. Others are far more evolved then us, but still engage in conflicting dynamics, similar to the dramatics of our Greco-Roman pantheon. Some are downright evil—They are energy vampires and since they have cut themselves off from Source, they must leech to live, and upon our human condition, they continue to feast. These beings have inverted our planetary matrix and continue to engender war upon this planet, pitting us against each other, while they feed off our fear and anger and reap the benefits of every great war and catastrophe.

Every human alive today carries some element of this long-lasting conflict in their cellular memory. We all carry the DNA of about seven root races and we all carry the RNA that, arguably, stems back to one Great Mother from a very ancient civilization from mother Africa. Our current events is just the tip of an iceberg and it affects us all— if you live in America you have mixed genetics from a variety of nations and tribes, this is the great melting pot. Each one of us has ancestors that have been conquerors and ancestors that have conquered. To only take a look at the last 200 years is not digging deep enough for our cellular healing process. And to blame our current events on just a small handful of whites, is as shallow as those who still only see through a racial lens.

I am not the only one who remembers some of what has been long forgotten in our mainstream narratives of history. We rank in the thousands and possibly the many millions. The digger one dives within, the more we are granted to access. There has been so much strife, but there has also been so much beauty. If you are alive today, you are a survivor of an incredibly long line of lineages dating back all the way to our mitochondrian Mother. We are all in this together and we are in it for life or for death, the choice is ours.

Remember, less than 1% of this humanoid population are knowingly polarized as negative “service to self” only beings. There are more of us who care about our human brethren and the more of us awake to the fact that “We, the people” are not the enemy—we are brothers and sisters in this together! The sooner we can learn to forgive ourselves and then forgive others and see through a lens of compassion, the sooner we can direct our attention to the deeper issues that require us as a collective to resolve. If we are going to fight an “enemy” (those negative beings who provide contrast), it should be better understood what/who are our enemies. Otherwise, we are only further damaging our convoluted history and raising fists at our fellow humans who are as deeply traumatized and confused as the next person. Be a beacon of light and serve as living wisdom.

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” (Fredrich Nietzsche)

We must step out of our third density ego and learn to forgive. In order to do this, we must learn to remember and dive into our own shadow. This is the opposite of forgetting, never forget! But when we all realize we/our ancestors have been (purposeful or accidental) heroes and villians, we realize compassion is the only weapon we have that can overcome this entangled web we have been weaving since the advent of humankind (and for some of us, before) on this planet.

There is only one route to long-term ascension, and it requires we do The Great Work. Liberation is an inside job and if we wish to re-learn how to access our Adamic-key codes, we have to reverse mutate our genetics through vigilance, detox and compassion. We must heal these bodies! There are no shortcuts, I am sorry to say. The final frontier is through our own self and it is the ego-self that we must sacrifice if we wish to heal the whole. Only through service can we set ourselves free.

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