My “Go Time” Manifestations

It’s time for this glorious country to wake up out of its drunken stupor of binge materialism and start exercising its six senses!  It is time we pull our heads our of the tele-tube and exercise our critical thinking skills!

Any human my age or older, can remember a time when airplanes only emitted contrails and the first time one ever saw a chemtrail (I was about seven) and the ability to observe the difference, especially in a world that has less oxygen and water (therefore less ability to produce clouds), since we our depleting our water cycle through industrialization of toxic chemicals and our current fracking techniques.  There are technologies and toxins that are being utilized against every single American citizen for the past fifty years that are depleting our quality of food, water, education, health and entraining the human mind into a small little box, filled with heavy metal toxicity, perscriptions, dementia and depression.  We need a new tripartite, matriarchal structured governmental body with updated laws that actually protect our well-being, not laws that force human citizens into indentured servitude.

The awakened Americans of the Northern Eagle and the awakened Americans of the Southern Condor need to mobilize via all communication forms and unite and may we be provided with all the necessary resources to facilitate in re-structuring this societal cacophony:

May every functional system that can survive this transformation redefine its purpose, so that it works in accord with free will and the recognition that we are All One.  Our brethren is us, let us help one another to prosper.  I demand liberty and the right for every human who wishes to contribute to society the right for happiness and abundance!
May our united actions mobilize through a moral and humanitarian lens.
May the edifice be re-invented to allow more voices and less bureaucracy.
May we allow for the functional technologies that can aide our planet without detriment to our ecosystems, to flourish.
May the dogmatic sciences that suffocate growth be honored for their past contributions and laid aside so that our new paradigm can innovate without hindrance and be offered the limelight it so very well deserves!
May our artists and our philosophers be honored for the visionaries that have offered us the hope and as our species crawled out of this quagmire.
May our ancient heroes and civilizations whose true worth has been concealed, become realized and remembered and may we learn from all their mistakes and virtues.
May we set aside what is not worth perpetuating.
May we all heal as an emotional species by eradicating the victim-perpetrator cycle and allow for us the room to forgive each other and in turn, for us each to be forgiven for every tresspass we have ever caused.

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