Election Deja Vu Voodoo

Remember back in 2000 with the election debacle? Florida/ Jeb Bush and Bush Jr. literally stole the election from Gore because associated press and corporate media deemed him the winner and nobody stirred up a fuss and just went with the story?… and how cowardly the Dem party was while Jr./Cheney threw us into multiple wars and coups, bombing away ancient history and pillaging our environment during their 8 years in office? — That same press that everyone still relies on for journalistic news that had grips of peeps believing Bin Laden and Hussein were in cahoots and Hussein supposedly had weapons of mass destruction?! I was called a conspiracist back then too for Not believing the bogus news reports and attending peace rallies (there would be maybe 200 of us in front of the capitol) –Granted, Bush and Gore were just marionettes to the same handlers –I was pro-Nader that year. I was too young to vote by 4 weeks, but I helped the Green Party campaign, as I have never been asleep nor complacent and have always exercised my right to vote, despite being Independent– and here we are 20 years later, circling the same eternal recurrence with these global mobsters, the only change is the appearance of what they throw at us. How many times must this planet be pillaged and swindled before humanity WTFU and walks away from this insanity? Talk about a dysfunctional relationship.
Current events feels like David and Goliath, except the global cabal and their massive matrix of controlled/captured agencies have a grip of folks believing that David is Goliath and the actual Goliath doesn’t exist. And yes, Goliath has A LOT to lose if/when they are finally exposed. But this is a free-will planet and our collective consciousness creates our collective reality, so here we are in the middle of an invisible war with invisible enemies on multiple fronts and half the people are clawing at their own comrades while praising those who see us as nothing more than a tool they can exploit. A literal two-world split exists right now and it’s not a political one, it’s global and it’s those that have evolved into 5th density awareness (and see the entire scope but choose positive alignment and Sovereignty) and and those that still live in a 3rd density matrix controlled by the 5th density negatives, who seem perfectly content in feeding the bottomless pit for this Leviathan.
For those that don’t like my opinion and think its so dangerous it should be censored? By all means, delete me as a “friend” on here– I would much prefer this over any ad hominem attacks. I don’t troll anyone on their personal pages, I expect the same respect. I’m not seeking popularity, I’m seeking truth and from my experience, they are oftentimes mutually exclusive.
…and on a side-note, I’m not a fan of words being so mis-used– It’s like Babylon started re-assigning meanings to phonetics to confuse everyone (this has happened before, right before the 2nd Fall). Since at least 2011, myself and friends in our tribe have been using the word ‘woke’ to denote ‘being awake’ and for the last nine months, that word has literally been hijacked to mean the opposite. It’s basically been Opposite Day since the Ides of March… we were warned. Et tu?

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