A Brief Commentary on the Allopathic Industry

Perspective is critical if we are to continue to evolve.  An example of  one type of paradigm shift:  If we were to shrink ourselves to the size of a bacterium, we certainly would see things differently.  These ubiquitous little prokaryotic beings long preceded us humans, it might even be said that they organized themselves to create us, so that they may more resiliently persevere as more complex systems.  Perhaps the origin of mitochondria?  Bacterium, they are multitudinious and from a microbiological perspective,  they are our creators!  Humans oftentimes dismiss the power of these little beings, grouping all bacteria together as… Read More

My “Go Time” Manifestations

It’s time for this glorious country to wake up out of its drunken stupor of binge materialism and start exercising its six senses!  It is time we pull our heads our of the tele-tube and exercise our critical thinking skills! Any human my age or older, can remember a time when airplanes only emitted contrails and the first time one ever saw a chemtrail (I was about seven) and the ability to observe the difference, especially in a world that has less oxygen and water (therefore less ability to produce clouds), since we our depleting our water cycle through industrialization… Read More

Water: The Currency of Life

First there comes light, the primordial currency.  The Sun gazes its light upon each planetary being, charging it’s atmosphere, enacting a photonic awakening.  As the photons inact with mother Earth, mater (Latin for matter, its origin as mother), photons shapeshift as electrons, ions that interact with elements, forming the foundations of what is to become the next octave of life. This planet requires water to prepetuate itself:  It’s atmosphere, it’s topology, all the way down to the bowls underneath.  The water cycle is not only necessary, it is sacred and it is what keeps this planet alive.  This basic realization… Read More

Overcoming Our Disposition of Defiance

My human experience has shown me that we, as humans, share an innate predisposition towards defiance.  As children, we begin to defy our parents and nannies, as adolescents we defy our peers, teachers, officials, and laws.  We will defy our own selves by going against our intuition and rationalization.  We will even defy the universal omens, or what some may refer to as ‘God.’  It is a part of our egoic nature, when told “not” to do something, we test the boundaries and to try it anyways.  Just like how children learn, we as a human collective are also learning. … Read More

Our True North

Whether it is in your conscious frequency or not, we as humans are transitioning into more expedient frequencies, as is our entire planet and solar system: Everything is heating up and speeding up. Our sun is evolving and this can be considered a natural process, though unprecedented in our recent planetary history. Every action we have made dictates our collective trends and is part of a larger web of necessary actions. As we will find ourselves walking this line, that will make or break us as a species, we will see that our humanity stands upon a precipice and these… Read More

Lunar Cycles for Intentional Planning

In honor of our super blue blood moon eclipsing yesterday, I wanted to post up an intentional guide to flow through our daily lives in conjunction with our lunar cycle.  The actual pdf format was not compatible for my blog, but here is the gist: Lunar Cycle Eight Phases for Personal Empowerment Monthly Goal Setting & Execution [My compiled notes from Laura Shakti Blakeman’s 2015 Wanderlust Workshop… Thanks!] 1st— New (emerging/mystery):  “Re-set”/ Opportunity to deepen → Set intentions & “apprentice” from them 2nd— Crescent (rooting/exploration):  Waxing Light → Newness, wonderment, exploration (research, learning) 3rd— First Quarter (action): … Read More

Incomprehensible Power to Create

As I was searching through an old journal for a specific quote for a friend, I came across this old excerpt of mine, containing both an element of my poetics, as well as a eidetic download from a meditation visualization I had from 7/23/14, enjoy: Sight-blinder builds shadows that transfix into static binds as stagnation plays us for spectator, but our destiny is in doing and its your move to make unique renewal– As crickets chirp their chords, the fractaling panorama internal world template for manifesting the ever-unfolding Now awaits with strings unstruck… Waiting, for you to willingly reach out… Read More

Icosca-Dodeca Star-Tetrahedron Geoform Crystalline Bliss

Momentum, Torque, Torsion & Leverage:  Upon our planetary 3D experience, this pretty much sums up our stratagem for success! Three of my favorite polyhedrals and foundational structures for all of biological life, the dodecahedron (phi), and the crystalline icosahedron and double (star) tetrahedron (structured water, necessary for our life, carries the tetra sp3 orbital formation).  Spin this puppy omni-directionally, and you get a torsion field that carries a gravito-electromagnetic field, which carries a singularity vacuum of infinite energy density in its still center, and can also manipulate space-time (depending on where in which the observer is “riding” this torsion structure). … Read More