A Brief Commentary on the Allopathic Industry

Perspective is critical if we are to continue to evolve.  An example of  one type of paradigm shift:  If we were to shrink ourselves to the size of a bacterium, we certainly would see things differently.  These ubiquitous little prokaryotic beings long preceded us humans, it might even be said that they organized themselves to create us, so that they may more resiliently persevere as more complex systems.  Perhaps the origin of mitochondria?  Bacterium, they are multitudinious and from a microbiological perspective,  they are our creators!  Humans oftentimes dismiss the power of these little beings, grouping all bacteria together as some inconvenient nuisance, but truth is, we cannot exist without them, they are a part of us and many of them are a central component to a healthy body and immunity.  Without the “good” bacterium” we cannot fight off those foreign, invasive “bad” ones.  They are our buddies and when our body’s bacterium breakdown, our bodies breakdown.  They thrive in healthy, life giving, nutritionally dense soils that produce healthy foods our bodies crave.  The current, mainstream practice of mono-crop agriculture upon this planet is destroying the healthy microorganisms in our soil.  When we use noxious chemicals on our food and in our environment, we not only destroy our little allies, we destroy ourselves and ultimately lower the macro-immunity and balance of our entire ecosystem.  As Heremes Trimegistus said:  “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”  All our actions are hitched together, everything is connected, so where is the care and respect for these little guys?

Shifting perspective further:  Let’s discuss the hegemony of our current medical system, aka the multi trillion dollar industry of allopathic medicine.  Most people might ask, “well, what is allopathic medicine?”  And I would answer, the practice of medicine using surgical operations, pharmaceuticals and antibiotics as the modality for healing.  And that same person might answer, “well, that’s all there is!”  I might further go on to say that is not the case, there are many other forms of successful treatments, most of which have been in existance longer than allopathics.  These “alternative” forms include:  Homeopathy, Nephropathy, Ayurveda,  Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Orthomolecular Medicine and Electromedicine (Vibrational Medicine).  The confused person might say, “well, all that is hocus pocus!”  It might be wise to not only remind them, that allopathic modalities not only practiced “bloodletting” up until the end of the 18th century, but their psychiatric components also practiced lobotomies on patients.  The neuroscientist who originated the lobotomy won a Nobel Prize in 1949 for a practice now considered inhuamane.   In fact, in psychiatric medicine continues to ostracize the orthomoleculuar practice of balancing psychosis with vitamins and minerals (Niacin, Zinc, Magnesium), which has been proven effective with no side effects.  Why?  Because healthy supplementation does not contribute to a multi-trillion dollar industry, but synthetic pills that cause dependency does.

What is further disturbing, is that synthetic drugs that many patients are dependent upon were originally found as effective chemical compounds in nature’s plants.  The main component of Aspirin comes from willow bark.  There are about ten synthetic compounds big pharm has derived from cannabis, including Nabilone (a synthetic cannbinoid similar to THC).  Unfortunately, when you synthesize anything, you are removing it from all the other chemicals the plant contains that assists the body in processing  any single chemical.  That is why so many drugs have so many side affects, whereas its original herb does not.  The herb you may drink as tea for constipation may not be as acute, but they also won’t cause a short list of serious side effects.

With all my interest in biochemistry and my favorite cutting edge scientists across the planet, I decided to go back to school to learn more.  Already being a college graduate, I was aware that institutional dogma existed, but I had no idea how far gone the sciences had plummeted into this realm until I experienced it form myself.  Of all the amazing things we could have learned (for chemistry is the foundation of everything that exists and biology forms the building blocks of life), our text books targeted the usefulness of pharmaceutical drugs.  In medical school, pharmacology might as well be God.  It’s no wonder why iatrogenics is the leading cause of death in America, their doctors are idolizing false dieties!  Americans are getting sicker and dumber and they keep going back to the same people are literally making them such!  That is what happens when our microbiome (all that good bacteria) breaks down from the use of unnessary antibiotics, drugs and a de-vitalized diet.  Processed food does not contain the necessary minerals our body requires to function, so of course it will begin to break down.  And popping pills are not a quick fix, but a down-ward spiral into over toxicity and dementia.  Of course there are reasons a good surgeon may be necessary or antibiotics for a serious skin infection, but these should be considered exceptions, not the entirety of our medical profession.  If only our doctors focused upon preventative health, than perhaps our country wouldn’t be in such a health care fiasco.

Heavy metal toxicity is ubiquitious at this point in our evolution.  It exists in colloidal form in our air from smog and other noxious gases.  Our government approves their addition into our drinking water.  There is an overabundance of insecticides in our soils (further depleting our necessary micronutrients and good bacteria).  Mercury levels are alarmingly high in large fish that the FDA still approves for human consumption.  While some scientists have warned that heavy metals and radiation catalyze a host of health ailments:  Birth defects, psychosis, premature aging and neurodegenerative diseases (dementia) and yet people still choose to take that flu shot, eat that swordfish fillet and “heal” themselves with chemotherapy.   If a person does survive chemo, it’s not the chemo that saves them, its the power of placebo that saved them.   The mind is a powerful  drug, it releases chemicals that can heal us or destroy us, if only this concept was expanded upon in medical school.   There are many ways to destroy cancer:  Singlet oxygen, full-spectrum CBD oil, ketosis, juicing, good vibes and the belief that you can!  Chemo is just about the most abusive way to heal through cancer, as it compromises not only the tumor, but every other cell in your body as well!

Prior to WWII, there were oxygen therapy clinics throughout the Occidental world.  Both sides destroyed all the ozone clinics in Europe and then there was a post war campaign that propagated the belief that oxygen is a horrible, noxious gas.  Sure, it is a potent free radical and too much of anything is never healthy, as the body must live in balance.  But oxygen is also necessary for humans to breathe, to kill cancer cells (cancer cells are not healthy enough to have an anti-oxidant coating around them, thus singlet oxygen will search them out and destroy them).

This is such a rich subject, but to keep it short, I wish to discuss one final point about our current mainstream medical industry:  Their adoption of the caduceus as their emblem, an ancient and powerful sigil.  The Staff of Hermes, also known as other names, was officially adopted by the medical association (fist by the army) in the early 1900s.  Interestingly, the emblem is supposed to represent the conjoining of earth and spirit, etherial and physical.  Ironically, the current ivory tower of allopathy does not acknowledge the plants and balancing healing modalities of the earth (represented by the snakes), nor the existence of spirit (represented by the wings), so how can it understand how to heal the djed? (the spinal column).   This ancient symbol of power has been hijacked and its time we take it back!

In summation:  Perspective is power.  Our mind is the greatest of magicians and the greater we can see outside ourselves, the more perspectives we begin to understand and we can start asking questions.  The more we can perceive through other’s shoes, the more understanding and compassion comes with it.  We begin to understand why things are the way they are and that we don’t have to be herded along with the dogma.  We don’t have to be an ailing statistic.  We can take control of our health, our thoughts, or symbols of power, and our destiny.

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