Anchoring the Vision of 5D Eartha: A WSMFP Experience

On the flip side of my co-production with the festival Sonic Bloom, I celebrate the commencement of each year by attending a weekend of Red Rocks shows, featuring my favorite band, Widespread Panic.  This year was my 20th Sunday show (having skipped a couple in there during the George years) and musically, this was one for the records, what an epic production and as always, so much soul and layers of symbolism through so many of Panic’s timeless, layered lyrics and their choice songs:  JB is truly a prophet, so humble in his gnosis.

I once upon a time started my professional journey as a performing artist due to the fact that I love to dance and seem to have a skill at moving through euphonious beats and WSMFP is my favorite band to shake my soul to cathartically, but alas, my contention is not with the band, but with so many of their fans, most of whom I have trouble identifying with, as I have made the choice to remain profoundly lucid in my mental and physical precision and so many of “them” have not.  Once again, the auditorium was filled with broken bodies, whose 3rd day stupor was weighing heavy.  Ceaseless cigarette smoke, powdered drugs, alcohol, the entire gambit of low vibrational drugs was coursing through the audience. I saw so many beautiful souls living under the burden of their own hedonistic habits.  I saw so many energy and entity attachments and it felt dirty and sluggish and stagnant.  I do not carry inhibitions, so I dance regardless of the lack of other’s abilities, but I missed my community of healthy, wholesome ecstatic dancers, who like myself, have curated their mind, body and soul to find new ways of synergistic expression.

Panic played “Pigeons”–  the irony of the last 60,000 years of suppressed herstory coupled by the  last three days of people’s personal choices.  The microcosm of self-inflicted servitude by turning a blind eye away from miles of multi-layered truths.  If people think “freedom” means downing blow, booze, aderal, nicotine and nitrice, then the Cabal/ shadow elite has won for good, as these are the coping mechanisms of  an enslaved planet.  Despite the little known fact that the polarity has already shifted and the “eminence grise” is finally (slowly) being disclosed, these panic fans are still partying like they are on a race to see who is the first to decay their DNA into oblivion.  Our precious genetic expression and it’s phenomenal potential!  Our DNA carries the codes to our personal and planetary ascension and it is our incumbent duty to preserve what we can, even in the face of the ubiquitous neurotoxins and heavy metals and dissonant electro-magnetic frequencies.   Constant vigilance and wholesome choices is the burden we all must choose to heed if we are to survive the next dozen years, not only for ourselves, but for our children and our planetary genetic lines for the rest of our linear timelines.

I focused my vision away from the entropic dissonance of what I saw within the foreground and chose to see the world from which my past and future self emanates, a centropic world, where energy traverses superluminally and magnetics move large objects and all functions harmoniously and mellifluously.  During set break, I left the milieu and found a wall on the edge of the theater to climb up, so to be away from the mounds of plastic waste and the cigarette perfume.   I could see out past the amphitheater and into the distant hills and rocks and sprawling suburbs, which morphed into our future.  And materializing before me, I saw a potential future, so real I could see it all, and suddenly for a few moments, I was amongst it:  The distant hills and rocks were megalithic palaces and the basins were filled with wither– large pools with floating architectural delights.  There were no roads, save for those who chose to walk for spiritual reasons with their beloved animals.  People moved about through personal merkaba crafts and occasionally in hover crafts.  The earth was verdent with azul lakes, the architecture was built to morph organically with the scene and above the vast sprawl, there were more etheric cities above in pastel blue and rainbow clouds.   Red Rocks was the timeless amphitheater that it already is, where musicians played and occasionally government commenced (a true open-sourced democracy, very different from our current political affair).   People could come and go at will, drop in for the day or for a few minutes, as there was no exclusionary energy.  It truly reminded me of Panic’s cover of “Heaven”.  During this vision, I had the sudden feeling that I was being used as an “anchor point”– My vision was the anchor point for this potential timeline and I was one of many upon the planet in this current period whose job was to “hold the vision” and in that moment, I was merging our future (already in existence) 5D Gaia/Aurora with our current 3D-4D Eartha/Terra.  The vision felt strong and hopeful and I felt at peace to be of service in this way.

During my dance, as an embodiment of the crux ansata in living form, I felt fluid and crystalline as dozens of layered truths and cosms flooded through my internal landscape.  For twenty years, I have used this sacred space as a place to dance wisdom into being, like the embodiment of Nataraja, to whom I pay eternal gratitude.  Visions bled through my mind as the dynamism of mindscapes unfolding through the multi-faceted, gem-like torsion fields revealed eternal truths.  Perhaps this is how full disclosure will have to happen:  An inner revolution that sparks within each of us, until it oozes over into our outer reality and spontaneously transforms our surroundings, like an epi-phenomenal co-creation.  We are each in charge of which timeline we choose to accept as our future and our daily actions and aberrational habits guide these visions.  Mankind stands at the brink of several potential timelines, some being more probable than others.  I have already chosen my path:  A fifth dimensional positive service to All sovereign planet and ultimately 12th dimensional genetic ascension and I hope for this fate for all beings who reside on this planet with love in their heart.

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