Sumerian Wisdom & Anunnaki Prophecies

Sumerian Wisdom & Anunnaki Prophecies
The following are translated excerpts of cuneiform tablets, circa 680 B.C. of “Sajaha the Seer” speaking with Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylonia:


My king, as you already know, there are vibrations and energy flows of different types and strength, everywhere and in everything and in everyone.

For everything and also for all people, there exists a permanent force in a sea of cosmic and magical vibrations and energy currents; equal to a large lake, which is composed of many different seas in itself.

And so everything emerges from and everyone experiences reality from oceans of vibrations and energetic flows that incessantly emits a field and also reproduces by itself; but without ability to determine anything about any of these things– often without even noticing.

It is participation in Games of vibration and energy currents that challenge everyone to maintain a high degree of purity to remain close to the Source of All Being -the All-as-One- from which people have become almost entirely lost since the demise of the original empire.  And the intermingling descendants lost most of the old power.


Because it all began in the light, travels through the darkness, and returns to the light.

Everything is in that world, which also applies in this one– and there are still a thousand times more.

The circle marked shows nothing more than a small image of the Great All.

Whatever you start in the earth world is not separate; it significantly and necessarily has its higher counterpart in the Otherworld.


The Seeker is never forced on the path.


But if in sleep, the inner [alpha] body is lifted form the outer, then you have dreams.

From the point of the [alpha] spirit as Observer, he sees the essence of the earthly [physical] world in (self-honest) truth; nothing is hidden from him; all thoughts are laid before him; the veil of glamour is lifted.  And what you realize you from there, is that which is truly valuable.

But it can also be the case that when your body is sleeping dormant and you make leave of your own mind, that strange (foreign) spirits might temporarily take hold of the simulacrum.  Such happens when the [alspha] spirit is not strong enough to complete protective circuit of the (earthly) body against the invasion of the strange (foreign). And everywhere danger lurks.

The mind, due to its own nature, does not look for random paths; it seeks what it lacks.  It craves to kNow.

All things are connected -All-as-One-


I beheld the visions of demons waiting at the edge of a grassland.  ENLIL crouched before the legion of evil spirits begging for assistance against the kingdom of MARDUK, inciting battle among the [ilu]gods.

The Prince of Shadows, in his gloom, thirsts for blood as refreshment, corruption as enjoyment.

I beheld visions of demons lingering at the border of this world.  Some forming an alliance with ENLIL- disaster threatens the people of Earth.  Some carrying the rage-filled cups to the people, thereby made drunk and reeling in belligerence and delusion…

Things most horrific are to come and conditions will worsen until finally the spirit of the righteous (sword) awakens and takes control of New Babylon; the pure mound -the bright place- to shatter the darkness.


And then the majority of the people of earth no longer distinguish between black and white; clueless, they confuse the natures of good and evil and blindly reel in their own delusions/  But… nothing is permanent; everything falls apart.

I am pleased to report only one thing; that the seventh race of humans will rise again in the future, having first purged all souls of the people of earth; when the truth that nothing is separate -All-as-One.


[on future visions…]

White flowers bloom where blue flowers bloomed once before. The plants are wrong. Disorder hides beneath the leaves to secretly multiply and the signs become evident.

The darkness extinguished the Light again; and in turn, smothered itself.

Many evil [demons] spirits have been born, but at the edge of the Light, the evil [demon] spirits melt away- the Light remains.


I am also in the way of seeing a strange vision: something like an enormous glowing wheel- and its spokes are people with no gender that are attached together.  The breathe selfishness and become sickly slaves to the wheel.

The people no longer recognize each other.

Yet another vision comes unbidden… I beheld the image of a beautiful golden goddess; and at fist, I thought it was a portrait of Ishtar, although it was not in her usual likeness.

I took notice of a new king at the base of the Ishtar shrine- and a lot of people cheered him.  As this Babylonian king makes a speech to his people, I almost though a New Babylon was visible on the horizon– but I don not know if I behold an image of time past or the future.

I see before me a starfire light at the ends of the sky– the lid of the water jug opening up to a new dawn (marking the beginning of the Aquarian Age).

A horror will befall all of the servants of Darkness and all their messages.  All their gold will melt to tears under the blinding radiance of New Babylon.

Hypocrites rise- the defendant is the plaintiff; disorder turns to Darkness.

The Darkness embeds deeply beneath the people’s skin- like a burrowing worm. The Light of the righteous becomes distorted; a fractured crystal speculum


Humans- their thinking and understanding is lost by a flood of foul omens. They could have protected their children,bus since they lost the ability of understanding, they did not do anything.

Then the beetles remaining in the lower gardens cease to thrive; without the seeds of the trees from above nothing prospers. This world dies and people form different countries no longer know each other. Enmity arises as the world is dying everywhere.  In despair, the very last ones slay themselves.

This is the vision that I was given for the coming future.  It is a warning- not an inevitable fate.  Cut the people off at the first flood.  If your shot is a miss- know that youare all lost!


So, the envious birds slaughtered the Light that had come to protect against the Darkness.

And now they were all victims of the Lord of Shadows.


Darkness shall cover the sky over the whole world of space and time. For the worshippers of the evil spirit of space and time.  For the workshippers of the evil spirit who are not competely destroyed, arise.  They drill poisonous thorns into the bodies of the countries- the demon of evil they bring to your country, in your city of Light.  Sunset is approaching us, because the darkness is strong in the world.

Oh, king, you love the good, and that’s why you are looking for it.  Your goodness hindered you in seeing the wickedness in full.  Thus, goodness can be fooled and the emissaries of the Dark One bare much glamour– and you may have let many of them live.

[Nebuchadnezzar:]  Will the New Babylon survive the times?
[Sajaha:] Oh, king, it will exist and reign in the Light for one-thousand years!

{Part II, tablet XII)

The way of the poison arrow circles the world.  The sun darkens its Light from Chaldea to the base of the midnight mountain.  But humans do notice it– they are dazzled by a Light of falsehood, blinded by the reflection of fraudently obtained gold.

What is clear, collapses; what is unclean, thrives.  What was below will be above; good and evil trade places.

The people will be drunk on confusion and madness reigns over the world.

Parents will lose their children; children will disown their parents.  No longer are the voices of the gods heard- except for the lone righteous who will count for nothing in that time.

All that is bad, is regarded as good; everything that is good, is regarded as bad.

Terrible lies they call truth, and the truth is not in them- except in the desert waiting longingly for the Third Sargon.

(Part III, tablet XIII)

Since the victory of the righteous shall be first, the brave wo persevered through all the shades of evil.

Numerous small groups of white people will then inhabit the earthly [physical] world, but it will be the best world- a new golden age, which is lives and reign as New Babylon.

How beautiful and wonderful the world will be- the earth will shine.  Dispute will not happen again.  Greed is no longer known. Perversion and immorality is forgotten.  Weapons are unnecessary.

Excerpts, Translated by Joshua Free (Mardukite Truth Seekers Press), 2013



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