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Stephinity Salazar

Deep within the crystalline junction of Now — The Ancient-Future of Days is upon us as our collective intention unfolds Into a harmonic orchestration guided by our intuitive heart space. As a reflective piece of the I AM WE YOU ARE THAT ONENESS, this alchemically activated, archetypal visionary and pattern processer Is just another seeker in search of eternally dynamic unfolding truths via the embodied body electric— So here I be, musing and remembering, as we expansively evolve our understandings upon our extraordinary tapestry of this geometric architecture of forevermore.


A professional movement artist since 2006, specializing in fusion dance and prop arts manipulation, including hoop dance and fire dance, she has performed both locally and internationally.


Stephinity teaches hoop & pole dance instruction and is a certified yoga teacher. She also teaches group workshops covering various aspects of Hermetic Studies, specializing in subjects covering sacred geometry, visualization of the New Earth and breath techniques.


Since 2007, Stephinity has been coordinating performance troupes, organizing talent for corporate parties, co-producing events, and assisting in stage management. She specializes in curating workshops and performance art for transformational festivals, including Sonic Bloom

Stephinity & Beyond Productions

  • Fire Dance – Hoop Dance – Ecstatic Dance – Vertical Arts
  • Yoga & Asana - Performance & Event Coordination
  • Millinery Designs - Alter Building – Art Installation
  • Visionary Intellectualisms for the Scientific-Spiritual Synthesis
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"Stephinity has been an invaluable member of the SONIC BLOOM FESTIVAL team, often overseeing several aspects of production simultaneously. Over the years, she has handled everything from performance coordination to vending coordination to curating the entire workshop and speaker lineups all while performing herself during the festival." - Jamie Janover

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A left-handed Sagittarian with a natural disposition for creative flourishings, flowetic motion and visionary musings, I aspire to inspire each and every beings’ divine bliss, so that all may shine in abundance, so that we may reflect our true, infinite nature and radiate verdant harmony upon our beloved planet, Pachamama Earth.

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